Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breaking News : Hisham Talaat To Get 15 Years n Jail !!

This was so fast , too damn fast that we need to stop for awhile and rethink about the sequence of the events.
Just from few minutes ago the criminal court in Cairo has sentenced Mohsen El-Sokary 25 years in jail and Hisham Talaat Mustafa 15 years in jail for the murder of Suzanne Tamim in Dubai !!
Just from two days ago the Prime minister said that the cabinet will not change the terms of the Madinaty project !!
Hisham revealed to the court that he used to give late Suzanne Tamim a monthly allowance of $200,000 , no wonder those scumbags calling themselves their husbands are fighting over her little fortune.
Update #1
This is the most WTF court rule of the year in this year with my due respect , seriously I can't believe how the court reach to verdict when the defense team did not start its side so it can rest  !! The defense team for God sake had a set of demands that the court did not fully accept yesterday !!
Even the media did not have a slightest idea that today will be the finale of the most controversial trial in the past two years.
Most if not all the people are shocked from the verdict and the fact that usually in this sort of trials ends in either execution or innocence ,makes it more shocking , there is no in between verdicts like  that for 15 years in jail , in fact I do not know what these court rules mean in the first place !!
Accordingly Hisham can get a parole after 5 years for health reasons 
The defense teams of Hisham and Mohsen are going to appeal , already their families are shocked because in the end they were not acquitted as they wanted , they are convicted of murder.
Here is more updated coverage from Youm 7. 
Updated #2
Judge Abdel Salam Gomaa has spoken to journalists briefly , he claimed that his rule was based upon the fact the defense team abstained from its side just like what happened in the case of the loans' members of Parliament case from 15 years ago !! So he made his rule based on a completely different case and incident , there is a huge difference between a murder case and fraud case !!!! Gomaa is a from the controversial judges indeed , after all he ruled out in very controversial cases like Ayman Nour,Magdy Hussein , Saad El-Din Ibrahim and Hezbollah cell.

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  1. hisham tal3t must killed with red clothing.what happened only because gmal moubark the carbige


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