Monday, September 13, 2010

A Date At The Syrian Embassy in Cairo For Tal

Several Egyptian activists and bloggers have agreed to organize a protest stand in front of the Syrian Embassy in Giza next Sunday the 19 of September at 3 PM Cairo local in solidarity with Syrian blogger Tal.
The address of the Syrian Embassy in Giza is 18 Abdel Rahim Sabri street, Dokki, Giza.
Now in the past 24 hours, there were rumors claiming that Tal was tortured till death, the thing which was denied completely by Syrian activists in Damascus.

You can help Tal through different ways besides protesting in front of the embassy to show the regime that the world is deaf or blind from what it is going on in Syria.
You can sign this petition as a starter or even better send an email to the Syrian Ambassador in Washington Imad Moustapha. You can also check Tal’s Facebook for updates.

Now my dear Nawara does not like the idea of having a protest in front of the embassy as she think that our dear Syrian brothers and sisters may misinterpret this protest and may consider it as an insult to Syria as the embassy is the symbol of the state and that it can be considered as a move blessed from the Mubarak’s regime not to mention it could be dangerous on life of Tal , her family and the Syrian activists themselves according to a Syrian activist she knows.

Nawara suggested that we signed the petition as a start and send a press release to international press agencies. Both suggestions are good but are not enough.

With my all due respect to Nawara, I hate to find people to protest in front of my country’s embassy abroad too but I think the Syrian people are smart enough to understand that this is not a regime backed protest and has nothing to do with Mubarak and his differences with the Syrian regime,
already all the groups that are going to participate in the event are considered anti-Mubarak regime groups.

I have also reached Syrian activists and none activists inside and outside Syria on twitter and they have expressed their approval on the protest in front of their embassy that they regard as a representative to abusive regime rather their country.
Anas Qtiesh: @Zeinobia I think it's a great idea and I know many others would agree.

Okbah  When the Syrian complains from injustice, the Egyptian supports him angrily, this is the Arab united body, this is the first step to remove tyranny.

Tal has been in jail since 2009 and according to human rights activists inside Syria, she was tortured so I do not know what is worst that could happen to her more than she has already seen.
I understand the challenges the Syrian activists they have but they themselves go and seek the help of the international communities. Already I read that Syrian activists in the States will head to both Jimmy Carter center and Jesse Jackson office.

Our protesters will not burn flags nor they will attack the embassy with rocks, it will be a peaceful protest from A to Z. We will not provoke the Syrian regime, the Syrian regime does not need any provocation to abuse its own people.
If the Syrian regime does not want to be blackmailed through the human rights door then it must stop abusing its own people.


  1. Sudanese Optimist9/14/2010 12:03:00 AM

    What about the dozen Sudanese civil society activists from Halayeb - two of whom died whilst being incarcerated under alleged torture?

  2. I think organizers are civilzed and not going to throw rocks. Even, this was not done besfore (except during football strikes ).
    I think there should be an organized legal action in every Arab country towards the Syrian Embassy. Just to ask where is she? Why she is detained?
    By the way: Why some spread bad reputation of this action and false news before any action? Then, come and say no one is sharing! I think there is some thing hidden. Am I true?


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