Monday, September 13, 2010

Regarding That Saudi Diplomat Seeking Asylum In The States

One of Sunday’s main stories in the mainstream media was that there is a Saudi diplomat who is requesting political asylum in the States as he is claiming that his life is in danger if he returns back to the Kingdom.

The Saudi diplomat Ali Ahmad Asseri claims that he is a gay and he has a close friendship with a Jewish woman ; both are dangerous on his life in his ultra conservative homeland. The former first secretary of the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles was questioned by the Department of Homeland Security after he applied for asylum.

This is different from the usual asylum stories from the kind a Saudi Princess escapes from the Kingdom after falling in love with foreigner not from her own religion.

I do not know why I feel something is abnormal in this story , no way his close friendship with a Jewish woman will put his life in danger not to mention he kept his sexuality as a secret till he reached that position in the Saudi diplomatic service so I will assume that he is not really gay but rather a straight man who loves this Jewish woman and he knows that he will need more convincing alibi to get the asylum ; many Egyptians go abroad and claim to be gays in order to get asylum in Europe and the States so I am pretty sure that dear Arab brothers imitate us.

Of course as it reached to the mainstream media and as it will be or has become already a hot meal for both LBGT websites , we will know the truth sooner or later , whether he is truly a gay man and will be accepted as a refugee or he is a straight man lying desperately to save his love.


  1. If this man is gay, Im sure those hiring him have known that for years now. How many officials in several Arab countries are known to be homosexuals but holding high positions? Several
    Im also sure having Jewish friends doesnt put your life in danger. Being a spy and leaking info, on purpose or by chance, might though.

  2. "many Egyptians go abroad and claim to be gays in order to get asylum in Europe and the States"

    Haha. I know! And every day they have casual sex with several men just to avoid deportation.

  3. @Jason: I dnt understand why you find that a joke, it isnt its a fact just like the many Egyptian Muslims and Christians who claim religious intolerance and that their lives are in danger to get asylum.


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