Egyptian Chronicles: Dr. ElBaradei’s Word To The Alliance of Egyptian Americans

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dr. ElBaradei’s Word To The Alliance of Egyptian Americans

Dr. ElBaradei addressed the September conference of AEA which was held last week in D.C in a recorded message shown below.

This message is not for the AEA only but for all Egyptians abroad.

Dr. ElBaradei speaks to Egyptians abroad

ElBaradei was being criticized for addressing the Egyptians abroad and leaving the Egyptians inside Egypt, well ElBaradei does not need my defense but I believe the 6 million Egyptians abroad can help their follow Egyptian brothers and sisters back in the homeland a lot more than you can think , they can encourage them to move.

These Egyptians can be our voice to the world and they can present the reality of Egypt under the Mubarak rule in front of the world , they can be our lobby just like Mubarak JR is lobbying Shafik  Gaber in D.C for his own favor.

These Egyptians can contribute a lot if they want if they unite , we need to be united for real whether

The Egyptian regime can’t harm them outside the Arab world through the Egyptian embassies which should be neutral , we are not living the days of Nasser where his intelligence service would go after political dissidents and bring them back alive in coffins so yes Egyptians abroad should help us back home.

By the way Kuwaiti Al Jarida claims that the NDP fired a member who turned to behind Laila Elbaradei’s photos scandal , in fact it turned out according to the newspaper that this NDPian faked these photos. I hope that this is a real news not like the dangerous secret vanguard.

Dr. ElBaradei has condemned the arrest of Egyptian leftist politician Abu Ezz El-Hariri yesterday.

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