Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Need To Publish This Report

The Egyptian Consulate in London did not document the forensic report prepared by renowned Pathologist Dr. John Clark about the death of Khaled Said as it should so it could be used in the trial according to Khaled Said’s family.

The head of Pathology department at University of Glasgow prepared this report by the request of Khaled Said’s family based upon the shocking photos of late Khaled. As expected Dr. Clark’s report is against the official forensic report and believes that Khaled died due to the beating he received from those two criminals 

Dr. Abdel Magid Zidan ,an Egyptian physician in London is a friend to Khaled’s family and  also the connection between them and Dr. Clark. He was the one who went to the Egyptian consulate and asked that this report would be documented in order to be used officially in Egypt. Dr. Clark has even expressed his approval to come and testify in Alexandria.

We need this report , we need to see it , if the Egyptian consulate refuses to document it then we should publish it in our blogs and websites. 

Here is the official website of the Egyptian Consulate

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