Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Follow Up : Orabi 2010

There was no doubt that if Ahmed Orabi were alive today , he would be transferred to a martial court and from it  he would be on his way to the gallows , anyhow the grand descendants of Orabi who took down Down town streets in Cairo and Alex were lucky that  they are not militaries and that they received the same treatment they get whenever they decided to express their opinion peacefully in this country.
It is amazing that despite their small number which was estimated between 150-300 in both cities according to eye witnesses this time,they managed to cause panic for the regime , yes panic for the regime to the level of paralyzing down town and Abdeen in specific , if that were a regime that is confident from its popularity in the nation , why it would crack down a protest like that. 
Now I think  it is better to have a separate new post to include video clips and photos from the protests that started to surface online.
First of all it turned out there was a protest in Port Said at the same time and according to sources there are activists who are being detained , these activists belong to the NFC. The activists in Alexandria are still detained as far as I know while the activists in Cairo were released after being dumped in Cairo’s outskirts as usual !!
Updated : Most Alexandrian activists have been released except 5 or 6 activists , from its side the ElBaradei campaign issued a statement about the arrest of these activists attacking the regime and its security forces.
Second  both Hosni Mubarak and his son Gamal's posters were burned today , I will search for the pictures capturing these moment , here it is folks from AP
You will not rule us
Third of all where Ibrahim Eissa was from the protest !!?? Did not he call the people to participate just like Hamdeen Sabhi !!?? At least Sabhi showed up regardless of how long he stayed. I hope Eissa has a good excuse for this !!?
Hamdeen by Huda
Here is a photo slide show by Wild at Heart who attended Cairo’s Abdeen protest

Here is another slide show by Nora Shalaby from Abdeen's protest

Here are photos from Masrawy and Youm 7
Here are video clips from Cairo’s  protest

By Noha Rajaz

The NDP launched a pathetic pro-Gamal Mubarak protest to fire back at the Orabi protest , it was just pathetic fake protest led by a NDP MB wannabe member. Ironically nobody covered it except Youm 7 and of course the official media , the international media covered the Orabi 2010 protest.
Dear Jack Shenker covered the protest for the Guardian.Here is also the DPA report by Aya Batrawy. New York Times has published the AP report about the protest. 
Al Shorouk published a new report with new photos. 
International and regional news channels like BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera channels’ cameras and films were confiscated by the security forces , Al Jazeera managed to show these few clips in its news today.
Al Jazeera report about the protest
Local journalists working for national and international newspapers and agencies were harassed alike , Mona Sallem who is working for the AFP and another journalist working for Al Ahram “Al Ahram and is called Shereen !!” were reportedly harassed by the policewomen and filled an official report at the police station by the incidents.
Here is a video clip from Al Shorouk Newspaper from Alexandria’s protest.Alexandria's protest was not that big unfortunately , only 40 protesters according to estimations. I believe this protest should have been scheduled to the weekend in order to attract more people especially in Alexandria , the Khalid Said campaign should have participated and unfortunately most of its followers are students who could not come at that time.
The Orabi stand at Morham Bek in Alex
More to Come
Ok folks there are even more video clips and photos coming on the way , I do not know if this post will be enough or not . 


  1. He might not 'rule' but he shall lead ISA!

  2. what kind of leadership by force we never chose him

  3. Historical tidbit.

    In 1885 Al-Imam Al-Mahdi during the glorious Mahdist Revolution was very upset when he found out that one of his soldiers had decapitated Charles George Gordon (Pasha) - the senior British army officer serving the Khedive during the occupation of Sudan by Muhammad Ali and his dynasty.

    Al-Imam Al-Mahdi wanted to keep Gordon as a hostage and to demand Urabi's return to Egypt for Gordon's freedom.


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