Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Is What Happens When You Neglect The Real Security

At the same time Egyptian security forces were cracking down a peaceful protest and beating Egypt's activists who only were in the streets because they do care for the future of this country and its people including the families of the officers leading the attack against them , at the same time Down town Cairo was like a curfew zone thugs were controlling Al Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz  Street technically !!
Thugs from both Ahly Ultras and Zamalak Ultras had a little war at the Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz street where they technically controlled one lane for 45 minutes.
Knives were used , Molotov bottles were used and people were injured and terrorized not to mention their cars were smashed and do not ask how on earth these thugs control that lane for 45 minutes !!??
Where is the police in that street !!??
You can check Youm for shocking photos
The MOI issued a pathetic statement about the incident that did not include why these guys terrorized people for 45 minutes till the good cops showed up !!

The general security and safety in Egypt are turning from bad to worse lately thanks to the focus of MOI on the regime's security and safety , when a police officer  gave his order to hit a person like Mohamed Abdel Qudos in Down town Cairo, a thug hooligan injured an innocent man in Mohendessin

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  1. I can't quite get what the heck is wrong with that bunch of criminals, informally, called police officers? Have they restricted their mission to just protect the ruling regime in Egypt?? Unfortunately, it seems so.. They abandoned the main holy part of their job which is to protect the innocents.. Sadly, they became much more like German wolves that only protect and submit to their owners.. I do want to spend 24 hours in the Police Academy, just to take a look on what's going in there.. For once, once upon a time, I thought that any guy applying to the police academy is keeping in his mind and his heart and believes in only one thing; and that is to sacrifice his life to save the others'.. I was very wrong...


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