Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ibrahim Eissa To Leave Baldna Bel Masry !!

If you are waiting for the return of On TV’s popular news night talk show “Baldna Bal Masry” with its dynamic duo “ Reem Maged” and Egyptian journalists “Ibrahim Eissa” on air especially “Eissa” , then you for sure have noticed that for  the past two weeks the channel has been re-running the show’s old episodes over and over with no announcements what so ever on when the new episodes will start.

Well I have got bad news to you , there will be no new episodes because simply according to anonymous several sources in the channel Eissa is no longer welcomed to speak on air , it seems that the channel has received some order from the regime to stop his show.

The current chief in editor of Dostor daily was highly critical to the regime in his on air segment crossing many red lines directly and indirectly. Eissa predicted from time to time on air that he would not be allowed next time and it seems that he was right , the regime waited till Ramadan.

I feel so sad and angry , if this is a democratic country like the regime claims then why Ibrahim Eissa can’t continue presenting his show along with Reem Maged or even his successful segment !!

This is media in my country , this is TV journalism in my country ; the mainstream media is dying in Egypt and it is not because of technology and information revolution but because the regime is killing it.

In the end I hope that Ibrahim Eissa returns back to Baldna Bal Masry , it will be a loss to On TV but one can understand the pressure it faces.

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