Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pope Shnouda III Speaks About Camilla , Tensions And Other Issues

Pope Shnouda III spoke to Gaber El-Karmouty in a very critical time indeed and it was aired last Sunday on OnTV.
Pope Shnouda III covered certain points like Camilla Shehata whom he said that she is Christian adding no further information because it is nobody’s business. Of course he denounced Dr. El Awa’s statements about weapons caches at Churches in Al Jazeera last week , he also denounced the latest tensions and attack on the church.
Watch it after the break
Pope shnouda on OnTv
FYI Pope Shnouda III admitted that there are certain issues that were like a taboo in interview which El-Karmouty avoided asking. I think those issues need to be opened sooner better than later and above them the views of some Christian clergymen that Muslim are just guests in the country.
1. Dr. El Awa is insisting that he spoke about single incident and he did not mean generalization.


  1. Come on Zeinobia, there are real issues to discuss, not the comment by the Bishop last week. The fundamental issues here are personal freedom, the rights of religious groups, and equality before the law regardless of religion.

  2. Also the right of Christians in Egypt (mainly those who follow the Coptic Orthodox faith) not to be oppressed by their own church.


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