Egyptian Chronicles: Osama Saraya : It is An Expressive Photo !!??

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Osama Saraya : It is An Expressive Photo !!??

Osama Saraya , the chief in editor of Al Ahram  had to defend himself after making his newspaper and more important his president the joke of the world in the past 48 hours.

Saraya has to fire back to save his position before his newspaper or its dignity and so we find him today telling us that this was not the actual , the actual photos from the white house were published in Al Ahram  without editing from 12 days ago but that photo ,that edited photo putting Mubarak in the lead was an expressive photo !! It shows the position of Mubarak in the Palestinian cause !!?

It is a shame that Saraya claims that it was expressive photo beccause also in this case the message it sends full of hypocrisy ; since when Mubarak leads the negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis not to mention since when he leads the president of USA !!?? I know that the official press loves to praise Mubarak’s wisdom which we do not appreciate yet young Obama respects and listens to !!

One thought that the Palestinians are the ones who are leading their cause not the President of Egypt regardless of how wise he is , it is insulting to the Palestinians.

Saraya spoke about the ethics of journalism insisting that his newspaper did not anything wrong ; it is not his mistake or the mistake of his newspaper that the whole world did not understand that was not an expressive photo not a cheap hypocrite attempt to please his president. I wonder if Saraya will read this post by Charles Apple about the Photoshop ethics.

In the end what do you expect from journalists who fabricate the news boldly and rudely from A to Z !!??

The whole world has been speaking about the joke of the weekend from Cairo , almost all major newspapers and TV channels are spoken about that Photoshop scandal ; even gossip websites like gawker spoke about the matter , even Geek websites like Gizmodo spoke about the matter.I wonder if Jon Stewart is going to speak about it or not !!

CNN’s Ben Wedeman spoke with Wael Khalil about the scandal of week  today.

I believe it is karma , do you remember the Laila ElBaradei’s photos !!?? This is even worse , the whole world is watching and is laughing

I just want to say something , we did not make a laugh from our president , it is his media that made a laugh from him.

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  1. I just drove back from work and the radio in the car was talking about the images of Mubarak and how the Egyptian bloggers are making fun of the images by putting Mubarak on the moon and shaking Hand with Stalin.

    I laughed a lot when they quoted Osama Srayia's execuses.

    Egyptian in USA

  2. Artistic license. That argument is often used to defend photoshoppers who get caught.

  3. hey to the guy in the US, the Kardashians and a sundry of celebs are always photoshopped in your country whats the difference!

  4. The photo is not expressionist or impressionist. Such terms are used to describe Van Gogh and not Al Ahram front page news. This photo is called a FORGERY.
    If the photo is falsified, then the same is done to the news and data etc.

  5. IF what Saraya claims is true, they could have put a note below the picture ,mentioning that the photo has been changed ...for the sake of media's credibility & what they call "TRANSPERACNY"

  6. Excellent comment in mezology's blog concerning the regime's media & photoshop:

  7. Volunteering my mad HTML skilz to Anonymous 09:13:00 PM: Link to Mezology's blog in original Arabic or Google's English translation.

  8. Another major fabrication fiasco for Ahram newspaper:
    This time it is the entertainment page fabricating several interviews to attack the tv series "Ahl Cairo" author Belal Fadl. It seems Osama Saraya is keen on tarnishing Ahram's long professional history and is intent on converting Ahram into a fabrication newspaper, similar to The Onion or El Koshary Today.

  9. Al Ahram becoming like The Onion, haha. :) Here are links for the above comment from Anonymous 09:43:00 PM: Original Arabic or Google's English.

  10. Saraya has his nose so far up M######## behind he will need a surgeon to disconnect. Everyone one knows that he is not a journalist. Saraya is a pimp

  11. Saraya's paper also infringed on the copyright of the owner of the real photo and Al Ahram wasnt the owner and I highly doubt that mutilating the original in such a way would qualify as using the photo!

  12. A third fabrication scandal for Ahram: Ahram had published stories concerning Aljazeera female anchors personal lives, claiming it had evidence for such tales. Aljazeera has sued Ahram and now it turns out there is no evidence at all and the whole news article is fabricated, Ahram wants to settle with an apology but Aljazeera is continuing with the lawsuit. The question now is who is going to pay the compensation once Aharam loses the lawsuit?
    I hope it gets deducted from osama saraya 3 million LE/month salary.


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