Egyptian Chronicles: Photoshop Presidential Palace Edition !!??

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photoshop Presidential Palace Edition !!??

Forget about Al Ahram daily and their Photoshop department with its expression art policy because we may have a Photoshop department at presidency which seems to be working more active than Al Ahram on even high standards from a long time
Malek noticed strange in Mubarak’s photos in year 2007 , yes from 2007 and Dina Henawy at iReport CNN reminded us with that blog post. Mubarak photos with Fouad Siniora and Bernard Kouchner on the 7th and 14th of September 2007 in the same suite and the same position were so strange.

Originally scanned by Malek

Originally scanned by Malek
During then Malek wondered if the presidency fabricated Mubarak’s photos or the newspapers fabricated these photos , but we should know something that the presidency has its own photographers so unlikely any newspaper will be able to fabricate the photos of Mubarak with foreign officials.
The theory made me search in Getty archives to see photos for both meetings and despite I could not find the same photos with the same angel.

I do not know , what do you think !!?? Were they the lights or the angle !!??
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  1. الاضاءة و زاوية التصوير ملهاش علاقة لان الصور مختلفة خاصة ان حركة ايده مختلفة

    اعتقد ان قسم الفوتوشوب فى الرئاسة ههه هو المسئول عن اللعبة دى

    تظبيط الرتوش و ازالة اى ملمح مرض او تجاعيد

    زى اللى واضحة فى صور الوكالة

  2. و الله مش هتفرق توفير فى الوقت


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