Egyptian Chronicles: Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Hassan The Bassorite {24}

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Hassan The Bassorite {24}

Here we are in a new night and a new tale , tonight Scheherazade will start a new tale : the tale of Hassan the Bassorite.

The name of this tale varies from one translated version to another version The tale of Hassan the Bassorite or the adventures of Hassan of Bassorah or Hassan of Basra.

In Burton’s translation the Hassan of Bassorah is in volume 8.

Here is it folks the 24th night of our Egyptian radio Arabian nights :

This is a very special tale to my heart because it was my first radio Arabian nights tale I heard at my dear Yazeed’s wonderful blog.

Spoiler’s Alert after the break “ignore it if you read this in the Google reader”

You can read this tale in English from Burton’s original translation “it is longer that our radio tale here”

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