Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Tal

Tal Mallohi , a name of a Syrian blogger who did not break any law or expose dangerous secrets or criticize anyone in the Syrian regime , she blogs mainly about the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem. Tal writes poetry , beautiful angry poetry about Palestine that many across the world and across Syria write.
Tal was 19 years old when she was arrested on the 27 December 2009 by the security services and up till this moment nobody knows anything about her. Nobody knows why she was arrested for real , some say that she was arrested because of her poetry , one of her poems in which I can’t find any insult to the Syrian regime from near or far.
Tal is a minor and I can’t imagine the hell her family is through especially her mother. Tal is in the beginning of her life , it is unfair to kill her hopes in this terrible way. It is a scary experience for any human so you can imagine for a 19 years old girl who did nothing wrong except writing a poem about Palestine !!
Here is the ANHRI’s report about her in Arabic and here is a Facebook group dedicated to Tal


  1. So cute to read such a candid post !
    I would have support he if she was indeed challenging for the good her governement or writting poem of Love rather than anger for Israel and Palestine...
    Just a matter of perspective...

  2. Thank you for talking about Tal.
    This is a small clip about Tal..



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