Egyptian Chronicles: Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Hassan The Bassorite {27}

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Hassan The Bassorite {27}

Here we are in the 27th night of our radio Arabian nights , it is already the last night in Ramadan and the last night in our tale and in our Arabian nights this year.  I did not want to end it last night because I want to end on the last night of Ramadan.I also wanted to continue but I said it is better to keep as a Ramadan tradition.
I hope that you really like this idea.
And now my readers I will leave with the enchanted voice of Zozo Nabil as the legendary Scheherazade telling us how Hassan will kill the evil witch to save that unfortunate kingdom. 

Insh Allah we will continue our radio tales next Ramadan Smile
You can return back to the previous three parts of the tale in the related posts section in post page if you want to refresh your memory. You can also check back all our 30 Arabian nights in the archive
You can read this tale in English from Burton’s original translation “it is longer that our radio tale here”
Till we meet again next Ramadan Winking smileSleeping half-moon
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