Egyptian Chronicles: Mahmoud Mohieldin To The World Bank : A Prize For Destroying Our Economy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahmoud Mohieldin To The World Bank : A Prize For Destroying Our Economy

Mahmoud Mohieldin , the minister of investment and one of Gamal Mubarak’s policies committee economic pillars in the regime has been appointed as the managing director of the World Bank , yes the world bank and it is a bit surprising for the majority for the Egyptian people.
It is bit surprising because Mohieldin is from the most hated ministers in Egypt thanks to his economic policies along with Youssef Ghali , the dynamic duo who destroyed our economy and our industry. I know some will defend him but let’s remember how the privatization plans did not get the exact result the regime promised us with , in fact they got negative results like for instance Omar Effendi and this is just tip of the ice berg.

In the cartoon of Black and Black :
Who said that we are entering new recession !!?? we are on the doorsteps of a new growth ; there will be more unemployed brothers ,there will be more poor brothers, there will be more …
I have got one question as an Egyptian citizen : Will this position provide any kind of immunity to Mohieldin against any accountability for what he has done during his time in the ministry of investment in Egypt ??
It is not a great achievement for Egypt nor it is a great honor I am afraid , it is just like the UNESCO and Farouk Hosni , of course the world heritage is saved for Hosni but one must wonder who will save the third world economy from this man!!??
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  1. The man is a visionary! Goes to show you are blinded by hate and intolerance to anything that hints of Mubarak. Your Baradei has no solution, no plan, no agenda! hell the MB at least have a plan!

    You are a radical leftist with who is blinded by hatred and disdain to anything that is not radical leftist or Baradei!

  2. The Soviet Union, China, Eastern Europe and other socialistic countries had to give their economies bitter medicine to emerge into a reformed healthy economy.
    Even Fidel Castro admitted three days that a Socialistic economy does not work.
    Socialistic public sector employees cannot go on pretending to work while their Socialistic employers pretend to pay them!
    Egypt has began administering this bitter medicine which will hurt a lot of people but will rise up healthier in the future.
    The skill during this transitional period lies in how to 'sugar coat' the bitter medicine during it's administration.
    The Canadian.

  3. :D @ the first Anon, is he a relative


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