Egyptian Chronicles: Dr. ElBaradei speaks to The Egyptian Youth

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dr. ElBaradei speaks to The Egyptian Youth

Dr. ElBaradei addresses not only the Egyptian youth but all the Egyptians if I may say.

You can watch the video after the break

ElBaradei addresses the Egyptian Youth

He speaks about the claims of the regime insisting that the change must come from inside yet the world must know what is happening in Egypt , he also speaks about his call to boycott the elections. He also speaks about the civil obedience which he dislikes but still is keeping it as an option if the regime refuses to listen to our 7 demands. “yes our 7 demands as I have signed it”

I love the part which he fires back directly to Anas El-Faki , minister of information who said that ElBaradei can appear on the national TV if he has something new to say reminding him that the people are actually the financers of the national TV.

Also the part where he urges the people to put aside their differences in methods and tactics and unite their efforts.

FYI ElBaradei was supposed to record an interview with an Arab TV station tonight yet the regime refused to give the permission that TV station.

To all Egyptians : The Man does not want you to elect him as a president , he wants you to support 7 demands that enable you to choose whoever you want as a president.

“Our force is in our number”

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  1. what a fuckin fool!

    he's the guy who thinks everybody is laughing with him but in reality people are laughing @him!

  2. @Anon: you are probably the same one who came here and threatened us on this blog. Go and tell your masters WE WANT CHANGE AND WE WILL GET IT.

  3. Exactly as Zeinobia said. nobody is a fool but you.

  4. Here in Spain everybody is celebrating our success in Egypt. I want you to know that there are a lot of people abroad wishing to be in Cairo, fighting for freedon like you. Congratulations!


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