Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : Camilla Shehata , A Crisis By The Blessings of The Regime

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Follow Up : Camilla Shehata , A Crisis By The Blessings of The Regime

Why do I believe that the current dying regime in Egypt is approving and is feeding the tension resulted from Camilla Shehata disappearance !!??
Why do I have the feeling that the Egyptian state could solve this situation from day one but let it go in this destructive route to divert people’s attention from other more important issue like for instance the succession issue and the wheat crisis !!??
There is a large number of Egyptian Christians calling for a civil state , well a civil states means Pope Shnouda can’t say that Camilla’s current whereabouts is nobody business , it means that there will be no state inside the state, it means that the church men should say where Camilla is for the common good. In a civil state the pope is not a red line that should not be crossed with my all due respect to the pope’s authority.
Now to the dear Muslims and Christians who are protesting in mosques and churches , I do not know why they do not protest the humiliating living conditions they are living in in the same way they protest this girl or that woman. I respect their feelings and beliefs but I am puzzled on how they do not fear to express their anger from each other and fear to express their anger from that regime !!??
Both teams believe that it is a duty from God to stand for Camilla and her sisters , well it is also a duty from God to stand against tyrannies and thieves. I am sure that the regime loves these protests more than the Khaled Said protests.
I still believe as an Egyptian citizen , as a human we should know the fate of Camilla and her sisters , the Church unfortunately does not want to put off this fire then this dying regime must do something to prove that it is a real state with sovereignty.
Update #1 : 
  • Youm 7 has published an alleged video message from Camilla Shehata saying that she is still a Christian , you can see the video below. 

The video is distributed on newspapers through Church sources.This video appeared before the protests planned to be held from the Pro Muslim kidnapped Camilla in the Eid prayer at the Mustafa Mahmoud Square which is considered the biggest gathering for Muslims in open areas .Back to the video , I hope that Camilla is telling the truth with no pressures on her from any kind , already I see she gained weight and this could be a good indicator  , I also hope that she goes out and meet with people

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  1. Z
    There is no subject more controversial than religion and I'm surprised you have not caught on Florida's idiot pastor Terry Jones' plan to commemorate Sept. 11 by burning copies of the Quran. I'm sure you are going to get a lot of comments.
    The Canadian.

  2. Let the civil state begin with the majority, not the minority. When Muslims are free to convert, then complain about Camilla. When Islamic law is removed from the legal system, then complain about Camilla. Otherwise, stop whining.

  3. @The Canadian , I was planning to write about Jones when he first announced but decided not to give him a chance for publicity , I turned to be wrong and I am going to write about this idiot after all

    @anonymous , my dear the one who started to whine and protest is the priest who fed the anger of his followers while he knew that his wife was angry from him

  4. a clear doubt of fabricated propaganda in this case. the authorities may need a twist of attention from the citizens frm the countries poverty and crisis.

    i wonder, even in every single day youtube filled with hundreds of videos of Egyptian revolution rallies and small small incidents, why nobody initiating to share that Lady's interview through all media, which she declaring unanimously that she is still a christian....

    the sectarian violence will be more dangerous than any in the current situation of Egypt.

  5. @ Anonymous
    "Let the civil state begin with the majority"
    Is not the majority of Egypt Muslim?
    "When Muslims are free to convert then cry about Shehata" Are Muslims not free to convert?



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