Egyptian Chronicles: Gamal Mubarak’s Support Race : Search For the Parliamentary elections

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gamal Mubarak’s Support Race : Search For the Parliamentary elections

No one can deny that Gamal Mubarak’s posters and banners are taking Egypt by storm from north to south in the posters war even more than his own father yet this does not mean that there is a genuine support to him  as people still dislike even they are keeping in it secret.
This race I believe has not got any relation with the Kurdy’s working class blackmail campaign , I believe it has so do with the Parliamentary elections , each member wants to win the approval of the policies committees or rather the approval of Ahmed Ezz and the best way to reach for the man’s heart and mind is declare the full alliance and obedience to Gamal.
Speaking about Gamal’s banners and posters , what is this ugly poster in Sidi Basher area in Alexandria in the corniche !!??

Love revolution,people’s intifada
We Chose Gamal !!
We support and elect you as the president !! 
Could not they choose better shots for him !!??
This banner is guarded by the police and do not ask me why !!??
Protecting Gamal’s poster
Photo source : “Facebook
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