Egyptian Chronicles: RIP Salah El-Sakka

Saturday, September 25, 2010

RIP Salah El-Sakka

For anyone who understands Arts and culture in Egypt Salah El-Sakka was more than the father of Ahmed El-Sakka,the famous movie star , he was Salah El-Sakka , the king of puppetry in Egypt and the Arab world who directed the legendary El-Laila El-Kbera aka The Grand Night and helped in founding puppetry theatres in several Arab countries.
Salah El-Sakka died today and unfortunately we do not remember him except as an pioneer artist but rather the father of Ahmed El-Sakka who is so proud of his father and his art by the way.
I am not good in writing obituaries but all what I can say is that thank you Mr. El-Sakka for bringing happiness to many people across the Arab world.
Here is El-Laila El-Kbera ,the most famous operetta in the Arab world “I apologize for the quality.”
To Salah El-Sakkah
I believe I should write a post about this wonderful operetta and its history.
Here is also a show from Ramadan by Karim Shaaban showing how people in Egypt love this wonderful masterpiece.

Ep04 - El Laila El Kbera ( The Grand Night. ) from karim shaaban on Vimeo.
May Allah bless the soul of Salah El-Sakka , Siyad Makkawy and Salah Gahen.
P.S Youm 7 published a wrong photo for late Salah El-Sakka !!!
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