Saturday, September 25, 2010

Follow Up : Khaled Said’s Trial "Updated"

Khaled Said trial has been adjourned to the 23rd of October 2010 to hear the defense witnesses “there are 15 witnesses denying the incident”. The defense lawyers claimed that Khaled died because of the beating he received from his family at his house !! They even claimed that he died at the ER of the hospital , the thing which was totally denied by the hospital which received Khaled as a dead man.
From another side it was proven that the marijuana packet which had been mentioned in the forensic report was not  presented to the general attorney. The witnesses , the other witnesses who are testifying against the two agents could not get in to the court because of the thugs and the security at the same time !!
By Mohamed Gamal
Photo by Manoush for agents' supporters
As expected there were two protests on the staircases of the court , one was pro-Khaled Said activists protest and one was pro-MOI protest. The Pro-MOI was made of the families of the two agents , other plain clothed agents and rented thugs who showed up after receiving LE 200 from NDP candidates like Abdel Manam Ragab !!
These thugs attacked Khaled Said pro-protest activists snatching their banners and throwing them. “They threw sticks over the activists.

After the trial the Pro-agents protesters were left freely to have a rally calling Khaled’s family as American Zionists where as the Pro-Khaled’s activists were under the siege of the usual police cordon !!
Here are photos from the protest outside the court by Eman El-Noshokaty

Here are more photos from Masrawy
Here are more photos from Youm 7 
And more photos from E_Egyptian.
Here is a video clip from the protest by APN , please watch the paid pro-agents protest and how they attacked the pro-khaled Said protest physically and verbally, the amazing bright pro-agents protesters called the pro-khaled protesters  " Rubbish , the American agents , Jews "Do not even ask" and they called Khaled " the hashish addict , the dumpy and the Jew"

المنشور اللي افحمنا بيه المتظاهريبن المأجورينI must record my admiration to the APN's video report , it is the best. The man appearing in the video speaking to the media holding a packet like the packet the official forensic report claimed to be the cause of death is Khaled's uncle Dr.Ali Kassem.
During the loud thug protests at the staircase outside the court , these thugs distributed flyer with  false data about Khaled , you know the old lies the MOI spread about him !!
It is amazing that the families of two agents from Bahaira can afford all these banners , flyers !!

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  1. Justice for Khaled Said is justice for all.
    God Bless and protect all who seek justice.


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