Friday, September 24, 2010

Expression Art In Its Finest Forms

The whole world and of course Egyptians admire the expression art policy adopted by Al Ahram and thus it was not strange to find the whole world and in specific Egyptians sharing their expressive views as well .
Here are couple of expressive photos inspired by the Al Ahram expressive views , some of you may have seen before like the Spanish expressive photos and some of you may have not and thus I share with you some of the best international expressive photos.

Now to the best of the best , to our Egyptian expression artists and their views. I love them more than the foreign ones , I found them through the Facebook.

There is a rumor in the Facebook that the state security is currently searching the man behind this , well they have have to search for the man behind the photos which are far more hilarious !!

I love this one

Sohair Zaki was the favorite belly dancers of foreign presidents

The talks were like a balady wedding
JR. was there too you know
Of course I can’t ignore Sara Carr and her expressive photos.
Ironically this is what we have got from the direct talks between the Palestinians and Israelis for real !!
If you would like to share other Mubarak road to peace expressive photo , please be my guestSmile
 Update : 
Ok the expressive creations are started to come in :)

Do not give a damn Mr. President

Abo El-leaf to lead the peace talks

El-Lemby to lead the peace talks

As Amr Diab with Abdullah Kamal's tattoo

The Mubaraks invasion

Gamal leads the talks

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  1. From the Spanish site, translated to English: "This year Hosni led the Jewish gay pride parade in Tel Aviv, invited by Netanyahu, who incidentally, is also gay and paraded wearing a pink bikini and a mask to avoid recognition. Mubarak took part in the parade just for diplomatic courtesy, since he does not like seafood, because it gives him scabs." ROTFLMAO. Those are all great.

  2. Check out

    And it's strongly nominated into being considered an internet meme. It's a good idea if you submit the pictures you have here in there too.

  3. Here's Mohammed Gamal's link enabled: Mubarak photoshpped (2010).

    Trolling and meme-propagation site Encyclopedia Dramatica is covering it too. Warning: ED is an intentionally offensive shock site with sexual and violent content you may wish you had not seen.

  4. Freedom of expression is liberty in its purest form! Try parodying El Assad in a similar fashion inside Syria! Your posts and this one in particular are true testament to democracy and freedom within our nation!

  5. true statement to democracy and freedom to our country !!?? For God sake up till this moment there is no printed official mainstream media can show these photos , in fact they could not show the Economist cover !!??
    What freedom of expression you dare to speak about when Ibrahim Eissa is forced to leave the On TV show !!??
    I do not look to Syria or any other Arab country as a benchmark in freedom I am afraid , can you dare and ask a statement for the president's family earning to be discussed in the parilament including his wife's clothes !!??

  6. @Zeinobia "in fact they could not show the Economist cover!!??"

    Really?! What ever happened with that. Did you blog it? I remember the Mubarak-Sphinx cover appeared first on the Internet, and I was curious whether it would be seen on Egyptian news stands.

  7. My Dear Idealist and Quixotic Zeinobia,

    The freedom of expression I speak of is your ability to go on daily tirades on Mubarak without Registering with some authority or being shut down completely. You are not being fair to our government by not comparing it to a fellow ARAB LEAGUE STATE, we are probably the most liberal democracy of the 22 states!

    So who would you want us to compare egypt to Finland----wait or mabye Norway!

    Zeinab you can't have your cake and eat it too!!! Our government is far from perfect, as Democracies everywhere are a work in progress!

  8. @ Sayed Kotb
    Are you serious or clowning around?
    Your country is a police state ruled by crooks and your people are scared to speak out.
    A lot of Egyptians read Z's blog but are scared to express their thoughts lest the black hand of the government gets hold of them.

  9. @Sayed Kotb:
    I do agree we do have far more freedom of speech than the 60s or the 70s, and I do agree that we perhaps do enjoy much more freedom than many Arab countries (we're definitely not the most liberal, and in fact, rankings from organizations like Freedom House put countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait, and Morocco ahead of us check it here).

    The fact that these days we're seeing this freedom being given AND taken away on completely arbitrary basis according to the whims of the regime is something against the regime.

    And btw, there are functioning democracies and freedoms in countries very much like us, like say Brazil or Argentina or anywhere you'd like to point to in Latin America. Your argument about "comparing us to Norway" is a complete fallacy, in fact it's a classic case of a straw-man argument.

  10. @'9/26/2010 03:40:00 AM'

    Insults will get you nowhere, tell your friends to leave and express their thoughts freely! As for your paranoia we have medication for that!

  11. @ Sayed Kotb
    Who pays your salary?

  12. Sayed Kotb is probably paid from our own tax money you know thats how the mafia running the country works. They abuse us, send us to jail and send the likes of Kotb to paint the skies in pink and insult our intelligence and do all that with our own hard earned money. Youve got to give them credit for their innovative dirty ways

  13. @Sayed Kotb

    Please read the definition of democracy in Wikipedia and tell us how did you apply this to Egypt?

  14. Hazem what you learn in a book ya habibi is not what is practiced in the real world ya shatoora!

  15. @Sayed Kotb: so since the practice isnt always perfect we Egyptians should suck it up, worship the Mubaraks and their economic wisdom (you and the ones benefiting from them i.e Israel and the 1% of Egyptians making money out of being covers to the family are the only ones believing this) accept that we basically have zero rights and just move on. Wow, what kind of mentality is that!!


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