Egyptian Chronicles: The Role is On Palm Hills Now : Way to Go Fakhrany

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Role is On Palm Hills Now : Way to Go Fakhrany

Here is another popular Fakhrany in Egypt and his name is not Yahia nor he is an actor , he is just a citizen whose first name is Hamdy.
Hamdy Fakhrany was the man behind the historical court rule to annual the Madinaty land sale from the government to TMG breaking down Hisham Talaat Mustafa in jail .
El-Fakhrany (dostor)
Now his eyes are on Palm Hills Development which bought also one million square meter feet in a shady deal full of irregularities, I wonder if he succeeds this time , considering the big names in PHD starting with the current minister of housing himself and Gamal Mubarak’s father in law.
For the record this year was a tough one for PHD ,first of all they have got the Aswan Amun Island issue which has not been resolved yet with all the negative publicity it generated and second the big blow to their lobby along with other businessmen in North Coast when the president issued the presidential decree to allocate the Dabaa land to Egypt’s first nuclear station.
If all Egyptian citizens were like Hamdy Fakhrany , we would not be suffering like now.
FYI Mr. Fakhrany sued the minister of oil for exporting the gas before and the minister of foreign affairs in the two Egyptian doctors crisis in Saudi Arabia.
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