Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where Is Dr. Harb ??

Dr. Shady Ghazli Harb is an Egyptian physician and an instructor at the faculty of medicine , Cairo university; he had a flight to London this morning and he has just disappeared at the Cairo airport.
Dr. Harb is the founder of Egyptians for change in London , he was the man behind ElBaradei’s posters in our game with England from couple of months ago. Dr. Harb is also the nephew of Dr.Osama Ghazli Harb , the head of the democratic front party which he is a member at.
Here is a photo for him and his little cute family, hopefully he will return back to them safe soon.
Shady Harb and his little family
According to sources the security authorities are behind his disappearance.
Dr. Harb was on his way to Dublin to attend his exams there.
This is not first forced disappearance cases among the young opposition activists especially from ElBaradei supporters in the past two weeks , of course we can’t call it disappearance yet as it has not passed 24 hours yet to consider Shady as a missing person.
Updated : 
Shady has been released today "15/9" after being interrogated by some authority in the past 24 hours.

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