Egyptian Chronicles: Poland's Muslim Tatars hope for cultural revival

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poland's Muslim Tatars hope for cultural revival

Reuters surprised us with this wonderful report about Poland's Muslim Tatars and their hope for cultural revival. Of course for some it is strange to find native Muslim minority in Poland but it is not strange thing actually knowing the history of this region. Muslims in Poland whether from Tatar origin or from foreign origin are estimated to be 31,000 from the total population; a tiny minority indeed.

The Muslim community indeed is trying to revive itself once again , last year Polish Muslims have been working with the foreign ministry a draft bill that will improve the legal status of Muslims in the country 

Russia Today presented that report in 2008.

Muslims in Poland from Russia Today

I do not know what source of this video except it could be from the BBC.

Polish Muslim Tatar

You can read more about Islam in Poland from Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia there is the Islamic religious union in Poland with 5,100 members , there is also Muslim league group.

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