Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : New Suspects in Omar Soliman Posters Campaign

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Follow Up : New Suspects in Omar Soliman Posters Campaign

We used to think that the NDP has a hand in a way or another in General Soliman’s presidential candidacy but it seems that there are other suspects in our case : Members from the democratic front party !!

Surprisingly and without no introduction we found Dr.Tarek Ghazli Harb , the father of Dr. Shady Harb , the activist who has been missing since yesterday saying that Shady is a friend to Amr Salah and Ahmed Eid , the members in DF and the founders of “No For Gamal Mubarak and yes for Omar Soliman” Campaign !! Salah and Eid were already arrested and have been released from two days ago.

Despite it is not clear if Salah and Eid were behind those Soliman’s posters still their names add more suspense to the enigma which no one fully understands. 

Update :

  • Shady has been released today after being interrogated by some authority in the past 24 hours.
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