Egyptian Chronicles: Yes For Gamal Mubarak Web 2.0

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes For Gamal Mubarak Web 2.0

Gamal Mubarak’s supporters have launched a website dedicated to Gamal Mubarak with the name “ Yes for Gamal Mubarak” , of course this is an attempt to compete on the cyber world which seemed to be controlled by the opposition groups like 6th April and NAC.

These are the men who are behind the Yes for Gamal Mubarak online campaign , they are not from the Kurdy’s followers but they seemed to be graduates from the future generation foundation which Gamal Mubarak heads.

I think we should expect to see more from this kind of websites in the coming days.

By the way the opposition groups’ students in Ain Shams university were badly harassed by the security yesterday especially the girls.

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  1. we dun need just democracy , we need 2 b free frst of all ...

  2. well there really is no web presence of any egyptian opposition on the web! it is sad when that joke el baradei has 12,000 followers on twitter and saad el soghayar has 500,000.

  3. Z, do you realize that the front page of Yes for Gamal links directly to this post? They think you like him.

  4. I think first you should begin by posting blogs that effectively state WHY you oppose him. Badmouthing those who do isn't going to get you anywhere.

    Educate yourself and the masses, write effective criticism. Not slander!

  5. @anazaad , how can you be free if you do not have democracy !!?

    @Anonymous , do you know that there are researches and masters prepared about the e-movements in Egypt abroad !!? 6th April , Khalid Said movement and ElBaradei signature campaigns

    @Jason , is not this an irony !!??

    @anonymous #2 , well if you follow this blog you will know that I posted many posts on why I oppose Gamal

  6. The website seems cleaner than the usual low quality NDP and gov websites. The main problem with those behind the web site and Junior supporters is that a) they base their defense on an unfair treatment bec he is the president of the son and how they think ppl are attacking him bec of that. The truth that they never cover is that he abused his position as the son of the president to get the top office at NDP and also to get security support for him and abuses to his opponents. Whether he asks for such support is irrelevant bec he never came out to speak against it and never tried to present himself to us w/o the familial connection.
    b) His co-called successful economic plans are actually not so successful and also he cant take all credit for them. His supporters do not realize ppl do not see the NDP plans as successful, the lower classes are suffering from worse living conditions and many from the Middle class have been reduced to lower class living conditions. Also, his connection with business men who are now criminals, all handpicked by him, should make any person with basic reasonable thinking question his integrity.
    The main point his supporters need to get through their heads is that we do not want more of the same and Gamal has done nothing to convince us hes not more of the same and even worse.


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