Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : Al Awa Speaks on Dream TV

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Follow Up : Al Awa Speaks on Dream TV

Dr. Salim Al Awa was accused of increasing the recent sectarian tension that was caused by the Camilla Shehata crisis and later the Bishoy statements ‘first statements at Al Masry Al Youm’ thanks to his interview on Al Jazeera with Ahmed Mansour.

Since that interview there were lots of reactions denouncing what the famous Islamist thinker said on air from Cairo that night , there were lots of accusations to him , there were lots of question marks and we needed to listen to him again on air and not in printed media especially after Bishoy’s lecture and opinion about Holy Quran and after Pope Shnouda’s interviews. 

I wished that Dr. Salim would come on air and speak again in channel other than Al Jazeera and TV host other than Ahmed Mansour and wish came true when he appeared last Tuesday with Mona El-Shazely on air. You can watch his segment below.

By the way I am glad our dear Tafatefo disabled the comments on that playlist , we did not stupid comments from both sides.

Al Awa did not apologize and in the end you see him sending indirect message that the relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt began to suffer in 1971 when Shnouda III had become the pope yet I can’t deny that this interview was better than the one on Al Jazeera , may be because Mona El-Shazely is not like Ahmed Mansour !!

Al Awa’s Al Jazeera statements are now accepted among more Muslims after the Pope’s insistence that he did not apologize which unfortunately is giving a golden opportunity to both sides to increase the sectarian tensions especially among the radicals with in the Muslims and Christians alike.

The official media by the way is ignoring the Pope’s Al Hayat interview and is focusing on the the National TV’s interview in a pathetic attempt to calm things down.

I do not know what to say except again everybody should shut up and let people like Samir Marcus speak up !! Who is Samir Marcus ?? Well this will be insh Allah another post.

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  1. Egypt needs separation of government from religion... these problems are not found in countries with this separation. When will Egyptians recognize this?

  2. هو ليه دايماً بتقوله فتح الجراح أفضل من إغلاقها .. ولما الناس تفتح الجراح (وده صحي حتى لو كان في صورة غبية من سجال بين شخصين لكل قيمته عند طائفة) ترجعوا تقولوا المفروض يسكتوا ونسيب المجال لـ هاني شاكر .. أنا بحترم سمير مرقص .. عجبني كلامه بس المثاليات كلام ... الجملة الوحيدة اللي كان ليها علاقة بالأزمة ان المتطرفين واصلين للناس أكثر ويجب على منبر الاعتدال انه يوصل للناس .. لكن لحين ده ما يحصل هيبقى المطلوب الترديد ورا نانسي أطبطب وأدلع؟؟

    عنيف أنا اليومين دول دون مبرر ... تتصبحي بالعافية :D


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