Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Egyptian Regime Has An Eye On The Social network !!

It seems that the turn is on the Facebook after the TV channels , Al Dostor , TV show cancellations and SMS restrictions.
This segment is from National TV’s Misr El-Naharda discussed the pros and cons of the Facebook with more focus on the cons that made it like the evil that will destroy the Egyptian society.

The Facebook “ Pros and cons” on Misr El-Naharda 21/10/2010

This segment raised many fears and speculations to the level that there has been a rumor today that Link Dot Net presented a study for a Facebook alternative to the government, the rumor took the internet by a storm to the level that Link Dot Net officially denied it in a very clever move.

The rumor itself is stupid and unrealistic because Link Dot Net owns the advertising rights of Facebook in the Arab regime plus if Link Dot Net has an alternative for Facebook why it has not released up till now.

This rumor is not true yet it is true that the Facebook is imposing an alarm to the government and it is true that the regime wants to control in all possible way after the Facebook turned in to a form of a political forum and there are several examples supporting this starting with 6th April strike to ElBaradei Presidential campaign moving to Khaled Said’s movement.

It is worth to mention that Facebook has recently canceled the accounts of human rights and political activists like Gamal Eid and Gameela Ismail without any clear justification.

I remember right after 6 April strike there were many regime figures and spokespersons supporting the censorship and Facebook supervision but they failed, I wonder what will happen this time right before the elections !!??


  1. What does link dot net owns the advertising rights? If I want to place an book on FB I have to go through link dot net? This doesn't sense.

    Link dot net owning a facebook alternative make no sesne either. It took tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours to make it happen. Even if they did, it probably be a crappy one which no one wants to use.. plus they can't force people to use it.

    But I do want to know how an organization in the west which advocates freedom of speech shuts down accounts. I can't believe the Egyptian government has any big clout to get FB to do such as thing.

  2. the anchor says facebook is owned by "googre". wtf??

  3. talking heads..

  4. 1. This is so ignorant (the video not your commentary). They clearly made zero research since Facebook is not owned by google. [people taking the piss at this rumor]

    2. This is ridiculous because they are only showing the negative side of facebook and not the opportunities. It's so Egyptian government one sided information and not the whole picture. The saddest part is that many people will watch it and believe this.

  5. Facebook has now owners. To my knowledge, Google has no ownership in the privately held company Facebook. Facebook has the following major investors, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing, Microsoft, and several venture capital investors.

  6. @Zeinoba, the Egyptian regime has already launched a Facebook alternative called Egypt Facebook:
    It is by InfoLink Systems not Link Dot Net.


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