Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Can You Plot For A Revolution In Egypt If You Are Not There

Mohamed ElBaradei has got an interview in the daily beast , his interviewer Reza Aslan chose a very interesting headline for that interview “ Plotting a revolution in Egypt !!”

Very catchy headline for sure but how can you plot for a real revolution in Egypt if you are not there !!??

I would like to clarify something here I support Dr. ElBaradei  since day one and I will continue to support him, I proudly signed the petition and made my family signed too but I began to be frustrated because of Dr. ElBaradei’s absence from Egypt where he is supposed to be plotting for a revolution against +50 years regime and system.

Dr. ElBaradei has become the most famous opposition leader in Egypt according to what I read in several international media websites and yet I feel lately that his fight against that decaying dying rotten regime in Egypt does not seem to be among his busy schedule’s priorities. 

Most of the Egyptian people whom he is aware of their misery more than the current regime , do not have twitter accounts to follow him not to mention only few of them read newspapers to know his whereabouts.

Last month we knew that Dr. ElBaradei was going to settle down in Egypt for good this month and here we are at the end of month ; ElBaradei is in Canada in some conference and then will head to Asia for a Nobel prize winners meet up. We know now that Dr. ElBaradei will not be here in Cairo during the Parliamentary elections. Of course he thinks that it is a charade and may be this is why he will not be in Cairo during that silly charade still he has to be in Egypt.

I understand that Dr. ElBaradei wants to change the pharaoh or the savior concept in Egypt but he has to know that all over the world there are those pushers who push and lead the people towards revolution and change, these people through history dedicated their time to the people just like MLK and Gandhi.

Again I support Dr. ElBaradei and believe in his cause , this is why I wish he will return to Egypt today not tomorrow to start roaming Egypt , the real Egypt like Snorus in Fayoum where the NDP does not dare to go to remind the people with their rights.


  1. by video conferencing

  2. In spite of Dr. ElBaradei noble intentions, he cannot change anything without rolling up his sleeves and getting down and dirty.
    His academic approach does not bear results.

  3. @anonymous , I wish it were through video conference

    @anonymous#2 , this is what I am trying to say , both MLK and Gandhi which Dr. Elbaradei always reminds us with rolled up their sleeves and went to the streets. For God sake Gandhi roamed India for his cause !!


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