Friday, October 29, 2010

The Original Dostor Will Be Back Folks

Good news in fact great news , the best news of the day to be accurate : Ibrahim Eissa has met with the original Dostor journalists who are currently on strike at the syndication of journalists in Cairo and has told them that he will return back soon to take them to the new H.Q of their new newspaper.

Another thing starting from next Monday Insh Allah the Original Dostor website will become an independent news website , already as a reminder Ibrahim Eissa owns the Domain Smile 

The Dostor website has been chosen by Forbes magazine as the second most visited news website in Egypt after Youm 7 and the 17th most visited news website in the Arab world. Hopefully insh Allah after the big return of website it will be no.1.

What happened to Dostor newspaper and the reaction of its journalists is a turning point not only in the Egyptian press but the Arab press.


  1. these are the best news i have heard this month
    i hope it is accurate and responsible
    and i wish it nearly turn back

  2. cant wait , the old site was my home page cant live without it lol


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