Friday, October 29, 2010

Ruby Is Not A Mubarak

I should have read the full news at the Guardian but honestly I got bored from following Silvio Berlusconi’s sex scandals ,I though that there was nothing new except may be that his mistress this time is a Moroccan underage girl but I was totally wrong because the newest Berlusconi’s sex scandal can create a drift if not a diplomatic crisis between Cairo and Rome.
Ruby or Karima , that underage mistress of Berlusconi was arrested in Milan and the office of Berlusconi interfered as you know to get the girl out of jail by claiming that she were the granddaughter of President Hosni Mubarakin other versions the niece of Mubarak”
Using his friend's name 

This is the result of befriending someone dirty as Silvio Berlusconi, friends do not do this to their friends as far as I know !! Already I do not know why Berlusconi chose Mubarak from all his Arab friends to claim that that girl related to !!??
Friends not anymore
Best buddies 
The Egyptian embassy in Rome has issued an official statement denying any relation with President Mubarak’s family from near or far with that girl. MENA has also officially addressed the matter with a statement sent to all newspapers and publication worldwide. I wonder if our official media will continue cheering and supporting Berlusconi !!
Official denial
FYI Mubarak has got one baby granddaughter and her name is Farida whom we have not seen up till now.


  1. Actually Berlusconi isn't the only dirty one. Mubarak was known for his sexual adventures when he was younger and when his health allowed it...insiders tell stories of the Montaza palace becoming his frequent escapade to the arms of young escorts, assumingly Eastern Europeans and Moroccans right up till his early 70's. That famous rumour about the second wife in Ismailla, supposedly the sister of ex Minister of Youth Mohamed Homara probably isn't true since he didn't need a young wife as he exploited the young and destitute.

    Mubarak was just more discreet and frankly Berlusconi never really cared about getting exposed in sex scandals, I think he actually enjoys the dirty old man image and you can't compare Italian media to the Egyptian one. If a journalist dared to uncover Mubarak;s personal life, especially at that time- he will almost certainly be sent to the gallows without a trial.

    Berlusconi wouldn't make such an outrageous claim about her being his granddaughter unless there is some truth to it, maybe she introduced herself to him as such . A DNA test will never harm though..

  2. :D yomhel wala yohmel, No bec I love the man but this is an insult to the country he represents

  3. It seems that the statuette that struck
    Berlusconi in the face back in 2009 has affected the function of his brain.
    What a jerk, yet the stupid Italians keep electing him.
    The Canadian.

  4. He only represents himself.. unless you actually believe he was democratically elected

  5. @anonymous#1 , for the record I have not heard about these rumors except the one concerning the Ismail governor's sister and that air-hostess , other than that nothing
    I believe these Moroccan and Russian girls are rumors aside of being racist.
    The girl is not related to Mubarak for real , already all her life in Italy and Morocco was exposed in the media , it was true lie.

    @anonymous#2 and the insults go on and on

    @anonymous#3 that what puzzles me , in any other part of the world all these scandals can end his political career for good regardless of how rich and powerful he is

    @anonymous#4 unfortunately he is also the president of Egypt

  6. I'm shame of that wrong behaviour of Mr. Berlusconi.
    As an Italian I know him from "80 and I think that only my countrymen feeling of decay is able to explain their foolish vote for him.
    But I hope and think he' ll became soon a retired one, in one or plus of his villas


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