Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pray For General Shazly

General Saad El-Din Shazly is currently ill and he needs all our prayers. President Mubarak sent an envoy to visit at his home yesterday. His Facebook group contacted his daughter whom said that he was not that ill and he is fine , still I think he needs our prayers.
You may agree or disagree with this man but you can’t deny that this man presented a lot to Egypt and we owe it to him , he was not really honored as he should.

This photo is from his Facebook group with the group’s admins in June 2010
By the way do you remember when we were all shocked after knowing that the picture of General Shazly is not there at the Panorama museum through Yousri Fouda’s column , well guess what according Fouda that op-ed about Shazly’s little recognition was going to be banned !! Freedom of expression in its finest forms !!?? Why on earth a column about one of 6th of October heroes and makers could be banned in a private newspaper !!??
Some thought that we would forget this great noble man if the media whether official or unofficial ignores him , well they are wrong and we know him and we love him. You can’t change history especially when you speak about a history maker like Shazly.


  1. "You may agree or disagree with this man but you can’t deny that this man presented a lot to Egypt and we owe it to him "

    this is exactly my opinion ,and I am one of those who disagree with him but I equally respect his role in re-building the army after the 1967 scandal

  2. @Zeinobia, I am already standing up and saluting the great General. As I was reading your post, I remembered president Nasser's famous phrase "Fearful nations don't make freedom and hesitant people with their trembling hands can't build their countries". I wish you well General Shazly.

  3. Some Egyptian blogger need to start a list of top 100 Egyptian who served Egypt.Solicit the feedback of the readers and publish the list. It would be very exciting to see how Shazley and Mubarak would rank in this list.

    I would do it if I have enough traffic into my blog but I do not get that much.

    Zeinab: Why do not you compile this list thru the vote/question thing you have in your blog.

  4. personally i wish i meet this man , i was so happy when i saw on Yousri Foudas facebook page that he called general Shazly and hes fine , and i was happy again when i saw how many people responded and wishing him to get better .

  5. Mr Saad EL DIN EL SHAZLY,
    On the name of all the real Egyptians, Thank you for all you have done for Egypt ! The real honest people will never forget you !
    You are the real Champion of 06th october 1973

  6. RIP General Shazly. You were an inspiration to every Egyptian. I hope he gets an appropriate funeral.


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