Saturday, October 30, 2010

AUC Workers Follow Up : And The Strike Goes On

The AUC workers strike is till since last Wednesday and the fantastic students joined the workers their strike on Thursday and today Saturday , seriously hats off the AUC students for their stand with the workers. The students and workers made banners and signs today and the students have planned for what is going tomorrow.

The fantastic Jihan , Salama and Ahmed Naguib are covering the strike live on twitter.

The demands of the workers that were presented to the administration and they are :

1. Receive a gross minimum monthly wage of LE1,200 ( less than LE1000 net) with equal pay for all workers who hold the same position.
2. Have Saturday as an official holiday for the AUC workers as it is for all those employed in the maintenance, service departments and the administration. If one is to work on Saturday they shall receive overtime pay for their work.
3. Receive LE200 as meal compensation (or an adequate meal) in addition to the salary.
4. Receive annual salary raise of no less than 10% on the original wage of each worker. This percentage is subject to be increased by the administration.
5. Receive Social Insurance coverage that includes all the years of service to the AUC.

Here are video clips from the AUC campus from last Thursday till today you can watch below.

Jihan made a quick interview with Shereen Farid , the HR recruitment employee who was fired for speaking up , the interview is in English.

Shereen Farid

Salma interviewed the workers recording their testimonies :

Workers speak Out by Salma

By Minouz 89
Today strike
Minouz recorded other clips from the campus which you can see at his YouTube channel.

By Jihan Ibrahim

Now officially the government is keeping a meme but it was interesting note to find officials saying boldly that the minimum limit of wages and salaries in Egypt is LE 450 contrary to the historical of the court rule in March that says the minimum limit of salaries is LE 1200. Of course the state security is there trying to keep the strike in control.


  1. Thanks for the follow up Z.
    As an AUC alumni I'm disgraced and appalled at how the administration are treating those workers. I wish them all the luck.

  2. A similar issue has been raised here in London, regarding the pay of cleaners in some of the major Unis. Just a though, why not have all workers in all Unis, private and public in Egypt join in with the support of the students body across all unis. Im sure the pay is worse in gov unis, the staff isnt paid much so imagine how much the cleaners and workers are getting. This could be a good way to open and push for proper student unions across all universities in Egypt and have something like a general independent students union that has a saying in how things are run in Unis and this includes the pay for workers. This coupled with the recent court ruling regarding kicking out security from gov Unis could be exploited to have a general debate about Uni freedoms and the right of students to play a bigger role in how they are run.

  3. Ofcourse the students would help, because they wouldn't get their asses handed over to them by the police (rich mens sons).


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