Saturday, October 23, 2010

What About Your Food !!?

The Salafis in Egypt have launched online campaign not only to restore its temporarily suspended channels on the Nile Sat but a campaign to have their own satellite. The Salafis are having enough of the secular greedy owners of satellites like Nile Sat that fight Islam and are calling people to launch a donation campaign to have their own so-called Islamic satellite !!!

They are calling for a billion pound campaign and believe me people will pay if this campaign goes from just a suggestion online ot the real world.

I do not have a problem with donation to that satellite , I have problem with the facts that our food prices are soaring and the people only protest for the closure of these channels .I think it is luxury to protest the closure of these channels , I think it is craziness to demand  the people to donate for a satellite when they can’t afford buying tomatoes and sooner beans !!

By the way Al-Hekmah channel is back on Nile Sat and I love the fact that the Salafi sheikhs are wondering in dismay why the state is treating them in this way when the state security approves everything from A to Z in their channels !!

Also analysts say that this crack down on the Salafi channels in particular is to limit the support to the Muslim brotherhood in the coming elections , well I think this decision will create an opposite effect because now I believe the Salafi supporters will give their vote to the MB because of that decision.

There are some rumors that the radical Christian channels will follow their radical Muslim channels , I do not know if these were rumors were to control the Salafi anger or not but I believe these channels should be closed too.


  1. Donations are voluntary, so usually people that can afford to donate will donate. Those that cant, are not obligated to pay.

  2. Well, shouldn't those who are able to donate give their money to a much better cause? say like feeding those who can't donate instead of helping put on air a rubbish TV channel and not just a channel an entire Satellite?

    What is this , even if they can gather enough money to build and launch their satellite- which believe you me, is much more than 1 billion, you are talking at least 4 billion $ US(not L.E). Where will they service it? there are regulations for every satellite provider and you can't just launch a sat without getting the permission from the host country. The entire idea is just hilarious, and shows that who ever suggested something so ridiculous knows absloutely nothing about sat systems.

    So they need 4 billion, or say 1 billion to make their own.. wouldn't that money be served better in establishing a university, heck probably 5 or 6 universities, or helping the poor start their own small business by developing coop loan groups. I mean there must be a billion better ways to spend a billion bucks than to support a TV channel to 'Islamically' interpret dreams for the brainwashed audience and it isn't exactly a one o f a kind channel, there are hundreds like it on air.

    There's no need for an 'islamic' sat if so-called Islamic channels are not banned unless they start preaching sectarianism(which has nothing to do with Islam) and if there is indeed such a need, shouldn't that be the responsibility of the orgnaisation of Islamic conference and if those think they are stupid, perhaps they should take their case to Saudi Arabia(the supposedly protector of Islam and its values), ask the Saudis for that billion donation, which they can easily afford of course, but even the profit-minded Saudis will piss all over them.

    Who ever donates money to them, even a dime; should get their brain checked

  3. Dear anonymous,

    Those who are wealthy enough to donate to Islamic Channels have an obligation to donate to the poor ALREADY. This obligation is called Zakaat. So asking whether they should or shouldnt feed the poor is not a question because theres already an obligation to pay in Islam. Any other donations to benefit muslims is considered a Saqaqa.


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