Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Administrative Court To The MOI : Get Your Officers Out of The Campus Now

The supreme administrative court has ordered today government to get their police and security units out of university campuses immediately Smile 

The  supreme administrative court has rejected the appeal of the government after its historical court rule that the security forces have no place at the universities campus according to the constitution.

The question now : Will the government or rather the MOI respect the court rules or will it ignore as they always do !!??

The regime media is insisting on the importance of having security forces in campus as these forces will kick the ass of the MB students and protect the other students from evil plans to control the campus.


  1. Under the Emergency law, the Government has the right to overturn any court ruling that it wishes, deeming any rule as a potential risk to the current state-of-affairs under an Emergency status. It's according to the constitution.

    Similarly, a court has ruled against selling Gas to isreal at special rates but that never came into affect as the government said, it was a private company selling Gas and not the public sector. They always have their "legal" excuses to ignore rulings

    That's why it will always be a farce democracy as long as there's an Emergency law, in the end the government can do whatever it wants with complete disregard to the law and that's why ElBaradei has called for the elections boycott because there can never be any kind of legitimate representation under a martial law and this is according to the constitution itself. Every one participating in the coming elections or any previous elections is either very ignorant or just a regime complicit in appeasing the masses in a delusion of democracy

  2. What does MOI stand for? I only know moment of inertia which doesn't seem proper here

  3. @anonymous #1 did not the regime claim that the emergency law will be only restricted to terrorism and drug trafficking !!? Today the PM tried to justify the existence of the guards badly

    @anonymous MOI in Egypt stands to Ministry of interior

  4. hehe, O.k., debate this(I am Habib Al Adly)

    We need police presence in universities and other establishments of education to protect the students from inflitrating groups that advocate extreme ideas that promote violence and terrorism.

    Our personnel is not to restrict the rights of students or professors but it's the gurantee that those rights are preserved.

    It also came to our attention that many educational institutes can be easily utilised in selling drugs and other contraband and therefore our presence is strongly needed to curb such illegal activities from the beginning.

    Under our current emergency law which is "restricted" only to drugs and terrorism we have a responibility to protect our universities. I am positive that the judge has good intentions but he fails to see the bigger picture in how our people serve those universities in ACCORDANCE TO THE EMERGENCY LAW.

    there you go.. :)

  5. Seriously though, regardless if Habib Al Adly tries to justify it or not,(they probably won't) I doubt very much that the governemtn can withdraw from campuses especially at this time.. coming elections and presidential elections in one year.

    They simply can't allow it, if they remove their grip from universities; this can easily become another Indonesia toppling Suharto.


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