Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lost in Space : Egypt-Sat 1

Egypt-Sat 1 , our first manufactured satellite is lost in space  according to what is written in Al Masry Al Youm !! The National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences has lost the control over the satellite since last July 2010. Our friends in Ukraine are helping us to restore it despite this time the satellite seemed to be really lost in space for good !!
The GIS is reportedly investigating the matter because this is the fourth times it happens.
Ironically we were working on manufacturing Egypt-Sat 2 but it had to halted after the constant problem facing the Egypt-Sat 1 Egyptian team. According to Al Masry Al Youm report many Egyptian engineers had to resign from the Egypt-Sat 1 program due to the technical and administrative program.“ you may include financial problems too !!”
The loss of the satellite is the joke of the day in Egypt , many are relating this incident to the series of the unfortunate events we are facing in Egypt due to neglect like the theft of the Van Gogh painting while others are wondering how we can have nuclear stations when we can’t control a satellite on our own. I think the last group is insulting our intelligence as Egyptians , the governmental neglect does not mean we are dump.
I think we need more satellite experts to speak about this matter.


  1. These satellites are being lost because every third orbit, Cosmonauts have to turn over to whiz on Israel.

  2. hahaha! It's really funny! No offense but that's very funny and pathetic at same time... Poor egyptian engineers who lost all their time the past years with this issue... Apparently there is no "hope" in Egypt, no light at the end of the tunnel..

  3. @Anon 10/24/2010 10:17:00 PM
    From Anon 10/24/2010 02:31:00 AM
    Did I mention to you that the Cosmonauts kept on missing the target?

  4. I heard that it was intentionally jammed by transmissions from a Sudanese satellite. Apparently there was a disagreement about coverage of the Halayeb region.

  5. Countries allover the world lose control over satellites and rockets all the time. What is the big deal ? The problem is when you let one incident stop your progress. Soon we will be launching our own satellites rather than depending on other countries to put them in orbit for us.


  6. Hey Zeinobia, till when you will be putting inaccurate information, it is not the first Egyptian manufactured satellite!! the manufacturer is Ukraine, and they are not helping us to solve the issue, it is part of the contract and they had to do it. I am really disappointed on your writings, every time I come across one of your posts I find it either silly or inaccurate. You don't need to let this appear on your blog, I just hope you give more attention to what you write, Quality is more important than Quantity! Thanks

  7. @Zeinobia, Expressing one's concerns about having a nuclear reactor in Egypt is not considered insulting to Egyptians.
    Do you want to see an accident like the one that occurred in Chernobyl happening in Egypt?
    Do you know that there is a ban of building new nuclear power plants in most, if not all, states in US?
    Americans are not dumb and certainly Egyptians are not either.

  8. we must ask israel & usa about the new technology of energy weapons i mean powerful laser beam which could move the small mass of egypt sat from its orbit...or the newest powerful microwave weapon which able to burn all sensors on satellite very easy...we still forget what happened in 1990 when a sudden electricity cut occured all over egypt..experet explained that by a new weapon experiments could damaged the computers hard disks & electromagnetic activities from beyond vision..

  9. Ahhhh... satellites, UFOs.... they all appear as alien (non-human) entities near you.....

    maybe people keep their homes very clean these days.....

  10. No one can investigate why specifically Egyptsat-1 disappear. Egypt lost communication with satellite and there are many reasons for that 1- some fault in communication system on board. 2- power subsystem problem duo to " may be damage to solar panels which collect energy for satellite operation" 3- On board command and data handling problem which prevent communication with satellite. all space agency which investigate satellite data and operation said there are no appearing problems in satellite health before lost and there are no operation faults " mean Egyptian Engineer do not make any mistake in operation process" and all communities from many space agencies around the world said this may be false major which mean some space object may stroked the satellite and this is normal for space industries this is why this type of industries is risky and costly because it operate in harsh environment. Egyptsat-1 designed to operate 3 years with full performance and may work another 2 years for reduced performance. Egyptsat-1 worked 3 years from April 2007 to July 2010.


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