Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where Is The Big Scoop Here ??

The Israeli TV has said today that in some fake exclusive sense that Mubarak sooner will choose Omar Soliman as his vice president for a year where he can prepare Gamal Mubarak for presidency and as the Egypt Sat 1 news became the joke of the day , this news has become the news of the day as if the Israeli TV is predicting something we did not expect.

That scenario is so old and there is nothing new about it , we are aware of this scenario and it is expected it so I do not know where is the scoop or the exclusivity here !!?? 

We know that as soon the the NDPC circus comes sooner , we will hear similar scenarios for this.

The time of considering the Israeli media as a reliable media source is over I am afraid and we have to be very careful.

FYI Omar Soliman according to Robert Fisk suffers from heart problems plus Mubarak is not stupid to appoint a popular military man with experience and acceptance from all the world “seriously all the world seems to fall in love with him” unlike his unpopular son in that position for one month in this tough time for God sake.

This is not the breaking news of the day I am afraid my dear follow Egyptians.

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