Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ibrahim Eissa’s Speech At The Egyptian Syndication of Journalists

There was a celebration for the real Dostor newspaper and its journalists last week that was held at the Egyptian syndication of journalists in Cairo. Who attended that celebration ?? Well the real Dostor newspaper journalists , their fans from the public and public figures like actor Farouk El-Fishawy , novelist Bahaa Taher, poet Ahmed Fouad Nagm and old Dostor columnist Balal Fadel.
For the first time since being from the newspaper he founded along with Essam Fahmi , Ibrahim Eissa made a public appearance , a strong one too. He gave a speech not to the audience but to the world , he addressed the whole world revealing new information about Dostor newspaper and why he was sacked from it.
You can watch the speech below after the break

Ibrahim Eissa addresses audience at the syndication of journalism by Nawara Negm
Now here is a summary for what Ibrahim revealed :
  • Hisham Talaat Mustafa wanted to buy both Sawt Al Oma and Dostor for $ 8 million to present them as a gift to his father “President Mubarak”.
  • Reda Edward was the one who asked to buy Dostor newspaper and he was rejected and later he came back with Said El- Badawy.
  • Shady and Ibrahim Eissa did not get a single penny from the Dostor deal.
  • Reda Edward and El-Badawy were playing the good cop/bad cop game with him in those two months when it comes to the editorial policies of the newspaper.
  • It started with Ayman Nour’s daily column in the newspaper , Edward asked Eissa to stop publishing Nour’s column because El-Badawy needed all the support possible in the elections !! When Eissa confronted El-Badawy , the later denied any relation with this matter and apologized to Eissa.
  • Then came Al Awa article , El-Badawy called Eissa and told him that Edward did not want to publish it , it will hurt his feelings and other newspapers rejected… blah blah blah. Eissa refused not to publish it and did it.
  • The finale came with ElBaradei 6th of October’s Op-ed, both men freaked out when they knew that ElBaradei had written something about the 6th October praising the army. They played again their good cop/bad cop with Eissa again and failed , they even tried to convince him to delay the publishing of this op-ed but he refused. Then we all know what happened.
Edward told Eissa : What does ElBaradei know about 6th of October ?? I fought in this war !!
  • Said El-Badawy and Reda Edward became the full owners of Dostor on the 2nd of October according to law and they fired Ibrahim Eissa on the 5th of October.
  • Ibrahim Eissa slammed and attacked Reda Edward and Said El-Badawy in a way you can’t imagine it.
Ibrahim Eissa has lost a lot of weight in the past two weeks if I may say , of course what he has been through , it is tough. We can’t ignore the indirect attack he launched against Mustafa Bakery and Al Masry Al Youm.
I will end with Balal Fadl’s fantastic words :
To president Mubarak , I am from the children of Dostor , do you like what happened to mama !!??


  1. This vid is very short compared to what you have said he has revealed, he isn't revealing anything here?! Where is the full file?

  2. The playlist is made of 16 clips , have you watched them all !!?? I got all this info and there is even more in the speech

  3. I can only see one, where are the other 15

  4. Click on the button besides the play button and you will get the rest of the videos

  5. Ah, sorry got them now..feel very dumb(I'm a youtube virgin)


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