Saturday, November 20, 2010

And Now We Have Aboblash To Monitor The Elections Too !!

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to present to you : Aboblash , the latest Egyptian parliamentary elections monitor website built upon the powerful Ushahidi platform!!

Aboblash is the third website of its kind in Egypt after Shahid 2010 and UShahid and do not ask me why !!!

Up till I do not understand why we would have 3 websites covering the same event !!

Why can’t we agree on one thing , a simple thing like having a centralized website to the monitor the coming bloody election which we all know in advance that it will not only be full of  irregularaties but it will be the grand feast of elections fraud in the country !!

Already this website comes online after the fight between MB and the DISC on which group should have the right to use the Ushahidi first !! It is an open source platform for God sake !!

Again people will confuse on which website they should send to , not to mention these websites need publicity more than the average circle of online activists in order to play a vital role in recording all the irregularities !!

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