Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ahmed Shaaban Follow Up : Record No.15146

Here are the latest updates in the Ahmed Shaaban case :

  • The case has not been closed yet as it was announced from two days ago in the media , the investigations are still going on. The case is registered in records a no. 15146. The investigation is still waiting for the autopsy report according to El Nadeem  center.
  • Al Ahram has published an expressive report about incident where Ahmed Shaaban’s deceased father confirmed from the other world that there was nothing criminal in the death of his son !! The report includes the living too as according to Al Ahram Ahmed’s sister believed there was nothing sinister in her brother’s murder where as she has been vocal about his murder and reported the matter to the general attorney herself !!
  • The report did not include why the body of Ahmed was found after 4 days of his absence when it says that people chased him to the lake and saw him jumping in to his death there !!
  • Now El-Badil’s reporter in Alexandria , Youssef Shaaban “not related to late Ahmed” who covered the case of Ahmed was arrested for the possession of narcotics “marijuana packets” !! I have read somewhere that Youssef is not a smoker in the first place !! Youssef Shaaban was arrested during his coverage to a protest in Alexandria !!!! There will be tomorrow a protest in front of the journalists syndication at 5 PM in solidarity with Youssef.


  1. How will they preform an autopsy on a buried body? the official cause of death is asphyxiation according to the morgue's doctor. What happened to Yousef is very normal, they plant hashish on anyone they want to arrest and detain without a warrant

  2. Sm huge noise need to be raised again about the way the doctors deal with the cases and these autopsy reports. Its clear they tend to be unprofessional and just another tool used by a criminal police system to cover up for its murders.
    Im glad the investigation is still on. Inshallah it will lead to smthng, may be not proper retribution for the victim and his family since we live in a lawless country now, but at least more ppl getting to knw wts really happening and loads of bad publicity for this criminal regime.
    ITA, Youssef is being set as an example to make other reporters afraid.

    As for Al Ahram, plz to all reporters, bloggers ect expose them. This regime and its supporters in crime fear one thing now, noise thats bad publicity reaching outside of Egypt. So, lets give them loads of noise, lets talk about the truth among our family and friends, egyptians, non-Egyptians doesnt matter, lets raise awareness global and local about how we are treated as hostages in our own country.
    Dirty police, dirty doctors and newspaper getting paid by us to serve a dirty regime.


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