Sunday, November 21, 2010

Egyptian Presidency : Mubarak Warned The Americans From Invasion Not From

At last the Egyptian presidency officially has decided to address the Bush claims about Mubarak and the Iraq.

According to Soliman Awad , the presidency spokesperson President Mubarak warned Bush and the American administration constantly from the invasion of Iraq because they would face a huge resistance as the Iraqis would fight the Americans with all what they got from men and arms. Mubarak did not say anything about the Iraqi WMD to G.W Bush.

Awad revealed that Bush Sr. thought of invading Iraq after the liberation of Kuwait but Mubarak warned him that he would turn from the liberator of Kuwait to the invader of Iraq. Wise old Bush took Mubarak seriously unlike his reckless big fat liar son.

I think the Egyptian presidency should have tackled this part last week but may be they were taking the Whole week as a Eid vacation !! I wonder what Bush’s reaction will be.

Again I do not fully believe Bush JR. and just because I do not agree with Mubarak’s policies that I would believe whatever Bush or anyone says about him especially like Bush.


  1. Unfortunately we cannot beleive non of them

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