Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Saudi Arabia Joins Kuwait

Just like the Kuwaiti regime , the Saudi regime is showing its support to the Mubarak regime on the expense of the Egyptian people.
From four days ago the Saudi authorities arrested the coordinator of NAC  Osama Mushraf whom up till now has been detained at Al Mals prison before being deported to Egypt according Al Quds Al Arabi. Al Mals prison has got a bad reputation in the Kingdom by the way.
Why does the Saudi regime interfere in an Egyptian internal matter !!?? Why does the Saudi regime arrest an Egyptian who did not break any Saudi law nor posed any kind of danger on the Saudi national security !!??
The Saudi regime must understand that insh Allah change will come and sweep the Egyptian regime in its way because this is the core of life , as Muslims we believe in this.
We will not forget this for the Saudi regime as we have forgotten this to the Kuwaiti regime. Some day they will have to apologize for us on this.
Update : 
Osama has been released from detention. 


  1. What about your analogy that defended the United States securing its interests in Mexico and Cuba - in reference to Egypt's dealings with Sudan?

    Another example of double standards?

    Ultimately you reap what you sow.

  2. The Saudi regime is a disgrace to its own people and the world, let alone Egypt!


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