Friday, November 19, 2010

Ahmed Shaaban Follow Up : Good News , Bad News

Here are the latest update in the case of Ahmed Shaaban , the updates include good news and bad news and I will start with the bad news first.
Al Shorouk newspaper website claims that the general attorney in Alexandria has decided to close the case of Ahmed Shaaban as there was no criminal , now the official story claims that Shaaban is a motorcycle thief that snapped a girl’s bag from Somaha and ended with his motorcycle in to the lake !!

So now officially the case is closed , Shaaban was a bad thief who went to his death with his reckless driving.
Now this is the bad news ,we will move to the good news : Ayman Nour and a representative from Human rights watch visited the family of Shaaban in their house last Wednesday in a good move to support the family that is insisting on taking back their son’s right.
Dr. Ayman Nour "Photo by Mohamed Abdel Fatah"
Amnesty international has issued a statement about Shaaban’s murder where it demands the Egyptian regime to investigate the young’s death circumstance.
FYI the police refused to let Shaaban’s family photograph his body and insisted that he would be buried quickly.

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  1. I don't see any good news here.. the shocking images of Khaled coupled with the people's rage forced the General Attorney not to accept the police side of the story-which is not the norm. They learnt this time and didn't allow camera phones in the morgue, published images would have fueled public opinion and forced the government into a somewhat impartial investigation.. the General Atoorny is not a neutral office and takes orders from his superiors[the government and Mubaraks]. The quick burial was part of the plan as not to allow for any proper autopsy or forensics.. the body can be exhumed but that's unlikely to happen since the case is closed and the family -even though they have the right to it- will not exhume the body and perform an independent autopsy because it's considered unkosher in Islam but not in that case especially with the government's pressure on them, I'm afraid the Aymon Nour and Amnesty support will not help them much.

    @africanist and sudanese observer, no one denied the torture of Haleyb activists but like others, many die in prisons and are issued fake death certificates and unfortunately the families can't take their cases further. many Egyptians and non Egyptians alike perish from torture :

    I don't believe Zeinobia is practising double standards here but cases where the victims die under offical incarceration get forgotten because the perpetrators have had enough time to cover their arses and legally wise it becomes a lost cause especially in the Egyptian flawed judiciary system. Z is a blogger so I think an accusation of double standards is a bit far fetched. Zeinobia isn;t CNN :)(although at some times this blog is a more reliable news source)

    The Saudis didn't extradite the NFC activist because Egypt has any influence on them-if anything it's the other way around- nor did the Kuwaitis do it because of Egyptian pressure. There is an understanding and as I have been told an agreement between all the fucked up Arab states(that includes the so-called major ones-or in better terms the American puppetry regimes) to extradite any nationals of the signed countries who may have dissident it's more like a favour and 'I owe you one' between them. There is also a belief among some Arab countries, especially the Eastern ones- that a change for democracy in Egypt will ultimately bring change to other countries [domino effect] so the totalitarina regimes-especially Gulf ones with out a proper constitutoin have this fear of demcracy in Egypt that might topple their thrones- so they are fully willing to participate in any action that will curb any real change. Personally I think this belief is wrong and a shallow understanding of the region but it has been exaggerated by Western media and some Arab intellects using a naive Eastern Europe comparison after the Berlin wall came down. Arab countries cannot b comared to Eastern bloc under the Iron curtain, they are very different and each country has its own unique circumstances although they do share very similar nutters as heads of states but I d find it very stupid that a democracy in Egypt will topple the Saudis or have any affect on Ghaddafi


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