Saturday, November 20, 2010

Death To Arab Facebook Fan Pages !!

It seems that “Death to Arab” concept has got fans in Israel because we got Facebook fan page for it !! “English translation”. It is only liked by 89 fans !!
There is also another “Death to Arabs” fan page but this time it is more specific , they meant to the Arab MK , the representatives of the Arabs in the Knesset. There are 778 fans who like this page.
Please report these two ugly pages to the Facebook administration.
There are many Israelis who believe that Arabs should be wiped from the surface of the earth. I will not deny that there are no mutual feelings because from the other side we got it vice versa but If you want a true peace then you must take initiatives. I remember that when actor Mohamed Sobhi was accused of anti-Semitism , he wondered why the other thinks that his blood is more precious than mine , he wondered why he does not regard as a human at all. 
By the way Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer is accusing Ariel Sharon of killing two Palestinian toddlers in front of his eyes during the invasion of Lebanon. We all know that Sharon had done alone in the invasion of Lebanon labels him perfectly as a war criminal and we all know that civil war lord infamous Elie Hobeika was assassinated because he was going to testify against Sharon in order to expose his dirty role in the Sabra and Shatila massacre.
Now as we are speaking about war criminals , here is a list of war criminals who should be prosecuted in front of ICC for the war crimes they committed in Gaza. These are the new generation of war criminals raised in the IDF and for the record the IDF will continue in producing war criminals as long as they are not stopped internationally and exposed as war criminals.
Update : 
My dear friend Ruslan has shared with us another Israeli Zionist Arab hating group that attacks the Arab members of Knesset.  Now this group has got 1328 fans.


  1. I find it a bit awkward that everybody is singling out Israel of what happened in Sabra and Shatilla without even mentioning that the killing was done by the Lebanese Phalangists of Bashir Gemayel after his assassination by an agent of the Syrian intelligence - a fact unknown at the time...
    Continually accusing the "foreigners"- friends or foes - of all our problems and failures is really unproductive and without any merit. To get out of this large dumpster that our region has become, we should face our own problems starting by admitting and accepting our errors and history as it happened and not how our imagination want it to happen....

  2. I'm joining!!!

    Kidding on. Pyscho's everywhere, hate against everyone. The fact that the best these people can do is FACEBOOK like little girls shows it's not worth anything. Less than a thousand fans combined.

  3. Zenobia, perhaps you didn't notice all these groups: - 272,131 people like this
    and dozens of similar groups dedicated to same subject..

  4. Zenobia,
    Your blog specifies that you don't approve of 'hateful comment' yet some of your posts insight hate against Israel and are no better than websites that insight hate against Arabs.
    Try to solicit solutions through pragmatic means and leave out negative emotions.
    There are good/honest people on both side of the fence that hope for an end to hate/violence and yearn for peace.
    The Canadian.

  5. @The Canadian: Im not a fan of hate speech of any kind but I always laugh when someone brings the "good/honest ppl on the other side". If thats the case do these good/honest ppl realise they built their country on top of others lives, lands ect? Are they willing like wt happened in SA to rectify the historical and present crime against the Palestinians? Are they willing to live in one country called Palestine as citizens, equal to others and not above others? Are they willing to give up their nukes, present their war criminals to justice, punish those who killed left and right in Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and Syria? Give back lands?
    If there are good/honest ppl on the other side when it comes to the Palestinian issue, how come they elect crappy govs? They bored us with how democratic their country is so, for me they are responsible for those elected and re-elected. Sure, we all want to live and prosper in peace but Im afraid those good/honest on the other side arent willing to wake up and realise their country is a sham and they need to make amends and rectify the wrongs inflicted on the real owners of these lands for years and years now. Its either that or they will never be able to settle for ever, they will go just like others were made to leave no matter how many years they stayed.


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