Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nobody Sleeps In Alexandria Literality !!

It seems that the tensions before the elections are escalating by time and they are taking ugly form.
Tonight there were huge violent clashes between Egyptian security forces and Muslim brotherhood “MB” supporters that turned ugly in both Alexandria “Alex” and Mansoura where the security used tear gas bombs in the first and rubber bullets in the second !!
I do not have details about Mansoura yet as all the focus is on Alex which is not sleeping tonight. There are photos and videos from the former mermaid of the Mediterranean that is turning day after day to the widow of the Mediterranean that give us a dark image about what happened that night and what will happen later.
Things are much worse from Alexandria considering the level of competition there between the MB and NDP as the later considers it a battle of life or death. The MB supporters organized today a peaceful march made of hundreds that became thousands and voila the security got mad and the clashes began when it tried to crack down this big march. Using tear gas bombs and rubber bullets made the people , the simple people angry because the bombs and bullets reached to their balconies and so by their turn the bystanders clashed with the security too.
Clashes between security and MB supporters by Mohamed Khattab

There is currently a curfew imposed on Abu Soliman street in Alexandria and the electricity is reportedly cut from areas there.
According to reports coming from Alex from independent bloggers and the Muslim brotherhood PR 100 MB supporters have been arrested and 20 were injured. Now Dostor has got a comprehensive photo gallery at the bottom of its report you should see.
Officially of course MENA claims that the MB supporters started the fight and they were the one who destroyed the Sa’aa square !! Here are some photos for the injured in Youm 7.
Update :
There were also violent clashes yesterday between the MB supporters and the security at Kafr Hejazy in Mahla. Kafr Hejazy is a stronghold Muslim brother village in Mahla , Gharbia. The security used tear gas bombs as it seems from the video below.

The MB supporters were having a public meeting with their Parliamentary candidate Saad El-Houssiany in the village when they found an anti-riots vehicle crashing the peaceful event. Masrawy published photos from Kafr Hejazy clashes.
I hope the MBs do not regret now their decision not to boycott the elections which was praised by Ali El-Din Halal if I am not mistaken.

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