Friday, November 26, 2010

Elections Follow Up : Just Questions !!??

  • How come that none of the candidates competing on the seats of the labor and farmers are actually labor and farmers , they are white collars in fact many of them are CEOs and former Ambassadors !!??
  • How come that we have ministers running for the elections when among the roles of the parliament is monitoring ministers and ministries on behalf of the citizens !!?? Is this an overlapping or rather cheating !? How can a minister MP question another minister as he or she supposed to do !!?
  • How come that there are 3 members from the same party competing on the same seat !!??
  • How come a new candidate from the NDP “a former footballer I think Tarek El-Sayid” goes and says in some public gathering that he does not understand in Politics !!? So what is he doing in the elections or rather wants to do in the Parliament !!? If he wants to help his people without indulging in to the world of Politics , he can simply open a charity !!?
  • How come that while NDP and its regime attack and condemn the Muslim brotherhood for the use of religion in the parliamentary publicity when they use religion day and night !!?  All ministers are now keen on praying the Friday and Eid prayers in their committees’ mosques . All the ministers like Mofid Shahab are keen to take the blessing of their committees’ church priests. In fact who could ever thought that Amr Khaled would come back and lecture the people in public after 7 years of ban under the sponsorship of the a NDP candidate “Abdel Salam Mahgoub”
  • How come that the NDP and its regime attack and report a global news institute like the BBC for the media committee for being biased !!?
  • How come that the journalists and reporters whether Egyptians or foreigners are being stalked  , their cameras stolen and their permits revoked !!?? The world will not believe and does not believe already your regime media.
  • How come that in one day “last Thursday” the NDP media branch launches an attack on the MB in three TV channels “ National TV Ch.2, Mehwar and ON TV” !! Did not the NDP bless the decision of the MB not to boycott this election !!??
  • Now this is not a how come question but rather why , why on earth and heaven we find a full page colored solidarity ad for the minister of oil Sameh Fahmi in Al Ahram Friday weekly’s supplement paid by five oil companies !!?? If these are public sector companies , why the hell they are spending the state’s money on ads like that ?

Oil companies vote for Sameh Fahmy the minister of oil !! This ad was publishd in Al Ahram weekly issue supplement

By the way there is a anti-Sameh Fahmi campaign currently in the Facebook after all he is the minister who exports gas to Israel. Remarkably Fahmi ran for Suez in the last 2005 Shura council elections !!

The elections is the main theme of all newspapers in Egypt , reports and columns are all speaking about the biggest circus in town next Sunday. Among all the columnists in Egypt , I recommend that you read today’s Farouk Goweida column in Al Ahram about the elections.

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  1. If the government authorities use their imagination, ingenuity and creativity in resolving Egypt's many problems as they have used in rigging the forthcoming elections, Egyptians will have a better life.


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