Monday, November 1, 2010

Islamic State Of Iraq Mind Your Own Country !!

The Islamic State of Iraq is warning the Egyptian Orthodox Church and is giving it an ultimatum 48 hours to free “the Muslim women” held as a prisoners in the Church’s monastery otherwise they will kill more Iraqi Christians !! The Muslim women they are referring to are Wafaa Constantine and Camilla Shehata !! Yes the Islamic State of Iraq has joined the Egyptian Salafi group in their crusade against the Orthodox Church !!
A bloody Shoe at the Church
What the hell is this !!?? Is not it enough what they have done in their own country ,now they want to transfer it to Egypt !! Why do no they go and fight the occupation forces instead !! This is not an Iraqi resistance , this is an alien terrorist group. Islam is innocent from all this , Iraq is innocent from all this.
I do not fear on my country though because I know there are still sane Egyptians who can and will protect it against any aggression but what I am disturbed that there are lunatics in the country.
Currently the security on Egyptian churches is doubled according to press reports , it is a must even if they are bluffing
Amira Al-Tahawi pointed to interesting details we overlooked in the media coverage

  • The kidnappers called the Al Baghdadia channel at about  7 PM to declare that they were taking hostages and that they had demands. 
  • The first and only demand then was to release Al Qaeda detainees at Iraq and Egypt !!  "Why Egypt in specific when there are Al Qaeda detainees all over the Arab world and why Al Baghdadia TV channel in specific when its HQs studios are in Egypt !!??"
  • In 8.30 PM in one of these groups' forums a member claimed that the Islamic state of Iraq meant "our detained sisters at ** Copts with the approval from the Mubarak Pharaoh regime "by the detainees in Egypt. " It is strange that after an hour and half that they changed their demand from Egypt , it was crystal clear that they demanded the Al Qaeda prisoners"
  • In 10.30 PM after two hours an alleged recorded audio statement from that group hit the internet group's forum  with a warning to the Egyptian Church "48 hours or we will blow up the rest of the Iraqi Christians !!" 
  • The flag of the Islamic state of Iraq was seen at the protest held by the Salafi trend on the 29th of October 2010 . 
Now what makes a group that consider itself as Iraqi interfere in a national matter in another country like that ,  well Egypt has a role in Iraq by the end of day , after all recently Egypt and Iran began to meet at certain points in the country and the Iraqi politicians are coming to Cairo to take the blessing of the major Sunni country. 

By the way why there is not one Iraqi TV channel that mourns the victims of the attack last night except Assyria TV channel , Assyria is Christian channel. I think Iraq has long time to heal its wounds.


  1. My condolences to those who lost loved ones in the attacks yesterday and for those who were made to fear for their lives in Egypt and Iraq. This is clearly one major plot to turn Muslims and Christians in two countries against each other. The issue of the 2 missing ladies must be sealed once and for all and both societies must make it clear that we do not accept hurting any one regardless of his religion bec of this issue. As a Muslim I'm angry to see new ways of exploiting my religion to cause harm to others and which others, the one who are from us.

  2. I absolutely agree with Anonymous. So-called fundamentalists are exploiting our religion recklessly to inflict harm on others.

    I understand, why Westerners do react with islamophobia. Those heretics have brought religion into the game. Whether it is territorial demands of Palestinians, Taliban occupying Afghanistan or Iraq - it is always blown out of proportion as a religious issue. And once the West accepts these challenges and attacks us on the religious level by publishing offensive cartoons, we cry foul.

    Now we Egyptians get a taste of that medicine too. Haram!

  3. @ Little Pharoah
    "Fundamentalists" are exploiting religion by harming others? First of all, not all "fundamentalists" belong to the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. If being a fundamentalist means defending your religion and Muslims then you will certainly have plenty of Muslims that will fall under that label.

    That being said, Every Nation, every society has the right of Self Defence. Allah swt gave Muslims the same right. To wage a war there has to be a reason, legitamcy, and please understand that we can't kill innocent
    civilians, we only attack those who attack us. If an innocent person is killed you have transgressed the rules of Allah swt, who warned us against injustice.

    In this matter, I can definatley sympathise with The Egyptians being angry over the disappearance of Wafa Constantine and Camilia Shehata. I see a legitmate reason for their reaction and the matter in Palestine has been on-going for years, even NON-Muslims can identify the brutality of whats goingn on there, so how can you condemn Muslims for being the way they are? I only condemn the ones that kill innocent people.

    Other than that, Egyptian-Muslims are have every right to protest against the church's abduction of Muslim-women.

  4. There is a great number of moderate Muslims that are against violence and are turned off by radical fanaticism but are reluctant to stand up and be counted because of fear, uncertainty or who knows what?
    Free thinking Muslims should go out on every street and condemn the violent acts committed in the name of Islam to prove the Western world wrong and that the Islam is for peace.

  5. As a Muslim I dnt need to take to the streets to condemn the actions of some who are exploiting the religion, I'd rather do so by action. Also, as a Muslim Im not writing what I wrote (Im the 1st anon) to impress any in the West or proved them wrong about their image about Muslims. Those who use the actions of some to judge the whole lot are idiots and do not concern me. True not all "fundamentalists" are the same as terrorists or approve of their actions but I think we can all agree that some of the voices presenting themselves as "fundamentalists" have been preaching hate and disrespect of the other, this includes Muslims and Christians in recent events in Egypt.
    @Slave2Allah: I dnt see the issue of the two ladies alleged to be abducted as only of importance to Muslims. Let's be honest here, both sides have ppl who do not accept having some family member choose a different religion. I dnt get how a Muslim could condone abducting or killing a Christian convert to Islam but not condone the killing or abduction of a Muslim convert to Christianity. Those wrongfully twisting the redda issue are simply doing that. The ONLY solution is for Muslim Countries to enforce a proper understanding of LA IKRAHA FEL DEEN principle and stop those promoting double standards. Also, just like as an Egyptian Muslim I resent and do not accept the notions of some extremist Christians that we arent Egyptians ect I equally resent and object to how some Muslim Egyptians consider their Christian fellow citizens as of not so equal rights as citizens or not properly Egyptians. Muslims have lost so much bec they choose to forgo the rulings of Allah about treating the other and resorted to showing their might among themselves and also on minorities, weve lost so much bec of this, look at Sudan, and how we lost it bec of the criminal actions of the regime and some of its supporters there. Fact is as Muslims our order is to protect our minorities and even when there is a source for dispute to reasonably seek a solution and never to apply double standards. This is how our ancestors built an Empire of coexisting subjects of several religions and this is how we are loosing what's left of it.

  6. Thanks ya Zainab for your post, review and translation.

  7. 'As a Muslim I dnt need to take to the streets to condemn the actions of some who are exploiting the religion, I'd rather do so by action'
    Please explain what action you will take?

  8. guys , Iraq is a playground for the CIA , MI5 and Irani intelligence ,

    there are 100s of times british agents cought wearing arab cloths and fake beards planting bombs in markets , to stir up the sectarian conflict ,

    divide and conqure as usual ,

    this church thing probably like what they are doing to Yemen these days , black mail , i wouldnt be surprised if something bad happens here then the US say they have to "help egypt".

  9. When u realize that secularism is kufr than u can talk !

    1. A leader of muslims can be only one who is faqih and a good muslim by definition, Does Hosny pray 5 daily prayers let alone of him and other secularists being good muslims ?!
    2. When did the good muslim egyptians raise jihad against any kafir in war ?! ooo I forgot, Israel and America r ur allies ! which is forbidden in Islam to ally with kufar who fight muslims
    3. Azhar is state provided, so u cant quote their fatwas since they get paid by the state so thers conflict of interest

    I can go on and on


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