Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kamal Al Shazly : Till Death Does Us Apart

“Kamal Al Shazly  has passed away” a news that first appeared in tabloid Al Bashayer , some believed it and some did not due to the nature of the website and the fact that it is the elections rumors season. Just from two days ago El-Shazly himself reported his rival from Al Wafd to elections committee accusing him of spreading his death rumors in town of Bagoor.
People in Bagoor , Monufia are saying that there was a lot of noise coming from his villa or rather his palace, later they found his campaign manager roaming the town in a pick up car with loud speakers denying the rumors of El-Shazly’s death.

Al Masry Al Youm reported that he is not dead but he was transferred to the hospital to be put on mechanical ventilation ,Al Hurra channel took a bold step and announced his death in its news bar. We do not know yet if he is ok or not , he is alive or not but we know logically that he should  not run for the parliamentary seat. This will be a long Eid night for NDP, journalists and people in Bagoor.
We do not know what the famous old guard of NDP suffers from or suffered from but we know that losing that signature heavy weight of his could not be except a sign of severe illness.
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If Kamal El-Shazly dies now , the seat of Bagoor will be set free after 40 something years of ruling party domination ,his son could not inherit it as he wished or as it was planned because he insisted on running … for a second it seemed that I was speaking about someone else !!
Now who is Kamal El-Shazly , well the former minister / lawyer has been occupying the Bagoor seat for 46 years if I am not mistaken since the days of President Nasser and the socialist union !! Just like his best buddy Safwat Al Sharif , he has been the man for all seasons. As I hinted his relation with the ruling party started with the socialist union as a young lawyer then continued when it became Misr party in its evolution to become the National democratic party in time of President Sadat whom he supported as a president for life till his brutal assassination that brought a new sheriff in town. Now not only Kamal El-Shazly has been in Mubarak’s service but also his son Moataz who could have been groomed to heir the Bagoor seat in the parliament if it had not been for his dad’s return from the States and insistence to run for the elections. El-Shazly was considered from the strong old guards in the NDP that stood against Ahmed Ezz and his neo-guards camp supporting Gamal Mubarak. He was believed along with Al Sharif to orchestrate that deal with the Muslim brotherhood in 2005 to show how powerful they were to Mubarak and son more than Ahmed Ezz and gang. Needless to say Ezz won over El-Shazly and Safwat.
Anyhow back to El-Shazly , the Eid prayer is after few hours and we do not know yet if he is alive or not. May God have mercy on us all.

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  1. The indegenus servents of Egypt have been conquired by crooks similar to the Late Shazly. Some people I spoke to thought that it is the beginning of the spoiled political/social life end. While I am certainly hoping to be true, I do feel that the damage that those figures caused along such long time of stagnancy, crookness and lopying is much beyound the repair by the death of a man even in the weight of the Late Shazly.One fact can be learned; Working during the life time for nobel values is an honour during the life and reward from the Migty God in both life and the ever life after the death. Mercy of the Mighty God upon his soil anyway.

  2. ربنا يرحم موتانا وموتي المسلمين

    وأنا لله وأنا إليه لراجعون

  3. مبروك و عقبال باقى العصابه الوسخه


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