Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Follow Up : Vodafone Egypt Apologizes And Pulls Ibn Firnas Ad

In a very important update to the Vodafone Egypt Abbas Ibn Firnas’ ad fiasco Vodafone Egypt has apologized and decided to pull the offensive ad that caused uproar online.

Vodafone Egypt has announced this in its Facebook page. The global mobile phone operator said that it has no intention from near or far to make fun of any historical icon and that it decided to pull the ad from YouTube , Facebook and TV channels but it is not expected to be any sooner as it is holidays time and it will take days to pull the ad from TV stations.

FYI I have seen the Ibn Firnas ad twice on Ch.2 of national TV this afternoon. We will wait till after the Eid to see if they are honest or not in pulling it. Honestly I can’t find any humor in it, how it can be categorized as humorous at all.


  1. And As many Egyptians said "Egyptians are the most sarcastic and humorous nation in the world"!

    Firnas needs in the first place some evidence. Half page long note written 800 years after Firnas death by huge Al-Andalus Reconquista opposer is rather "suspicious".

    1. I know this is an old post but they've even named a crater after him on the moon. I think historians have confirmed his existence.


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