Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another 19 Years Old Victim of brutality

Abdel Wahab
Before we know Ahmed Shabaan , we knew “the victim of Aboud” and just like Ahmed Shabaan , Abdel Rahman Mohamed Abdel Wahab was 19 years old and just like Shabaan for three days the dead cold body of Abdel Wahab was lying at a canal before finding it !!
Abdel Rahman Abdel Wahab is a microbus driver whose car was taken from him because some traffic violation , according to what I understood from both the MOI version and Abdel Wahab’s family that there was an argument between the cadets and Police agents from one side and Abdel Wahab from another side ended that the Police agents took their guns and threatened him.  Abdel Wahab was scared and jumped in to Ismailia canal and instead of letting him go a Police agent kept throwing stones on Abdel Wahab till he drowned !!
Of course the MOI version says that Abdel Wahab sneaked before the police cadets to get back his confiscated car and escape in it , the thing which led to his escape in to the lake and later to his death !!
When the body of Abdel Wahab was retrieved from the lake , his family and friends were extremely angry to the level they organized at the same moment a small protest near the National TV building in a very rare incident. The people wanted to caught the media attention and they have managed to do indeed.
El Badil has  shared a video shot by the people of Aboud that contradicts with the official story which says that the Police was the one that brought the body of late Abdel Wahab from the canal , it was the people who brought his body from the canal themselves after 3 days for God sake !!
You can watch the video below , of course I have warn that it contains tough graphic content.
Graphic content
Why does the MOI lie ?? Why does the Police insist on protecting those sadistic police agents !!??  Unlike the other cases we do not deal with torture but rather brutality. What kind of persons that watch another one drowning in this way. Already the photos of late Abdel Wahab shows bruises on his face.
Unlike the poor family of Ahmed Shabaan that faces a huge pressure , the people of Aboud area in Giza are standing amazingly with their boy’s family , even the Parliament's candidates racing for the seat are trying to stand for the people and for their late son unlike what is currently happening in Alexandria unfortunately.
Photo Sources : Al Badil 


  1. Those are only the ones we have come know of- hundreds have died in prisons and were issued death certificates stating 'health problems' as cause of death. Still all that killing and torture isn't enough for the morons who support the Mubaraks so they can enjoy their summer houses during their one month stay in Egypt.

  2. This is really brutal! I don't know why moslems in Africa and Asia hate Americans so much because they kill so many unguilty moslems during Wars, but how many killings take place every day in those Countries between the moslems self. Almost everyone in those Countries is full of anger and hate! I do not support the Americans, absolutely not but when I see those Moselms in those Countries, nobody helps each other, everyone wants to be something better then the other. There absolutely NO solidarity with each other, the only solidarety they have is when it comes to hate Americans!

  3. One more victim of brutal police...

  4. May Allah rest the soul of my brother (in Islam) Abdul Wahab, and give patience to his family. I can't belive the brutality of police in Egypt, how are these immoral men given the job of being a police, a police is meant to protect the society not murder them. astaghfirAllah, there is justice with Allah swt, and these monsters will not get away with it for sure.


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